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Hey there, welcome to blogsallbeautyy! I'm Jasmine, the blogger behind the blog. BAB was created in 2014 as a predominate beauty blog, and has remained the same ever since, with the occasional fashion or lifestyle post. Since then, my content has remained consistent and original as it's something that I enjoy. Typically, you will find drugstore and inexpensive items on my blog, however, from time to time, I feature more high end products - a gal has got to treat herself sometimes, right?

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The "writer"

So, I'm just your average Scottish lass who one dull day decided to set up a blog as a hobby, and fell in love with it. By no means am I a makeup professional or anything, I just like to share my views on the internet. Oh, and trust me - a blogger's life is not as glamorous as they try to make out on Instagram, trust me; it's not all fancy dresses, perfect hair and flawless makeup, there's more to it (I'm talking jammas, hair in a messy bun and no makeup!) With that said, blogging is pretty darn amazing.


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