Monday 28 July 2014

My Top 4 Drugstore Lipsticks♥

I don't have a massive lipstick collection, I tend to stick to the same ones. I actually don't own any high-end lipsticks, just Drugstore ones as I always buy my make-up from there. I decided that I would share my top four as I personally really like them all. I couldn't choose my number one, so it's just any order.

My first lipstick is this Avon one, in "Doll Pink". It is such a pink colour, it's so girly. The picture makes it look a different shade, but in reality it is much more pink and bright. I really like this colour, as you can wear it as vibrant or as light as you want. Unfortunately, Avon don't currently have this, they might have discontinued this, I'm not sure but you can definitely find a dupe of it somewhere!

Sticking with the Avon collection, this next one is in "Kissable". I adore this lipstick, it is the perfect red! The lipstick itself is the cutest - there's little hearts around it. I wore this today and it feels really nice on the lips, not drying or anything! Again, I can't seem to find it on Avon ( or and I don't know if it's discontinued or they only have it at certain times of the year. But if you ever come across it, definitely give it a go!

This lipstick was mentioned in my last post, it is the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in 085 "Trendsetter". I have tried this out, and must I say, it's brilliant! It looks really red, but it has more of a berry hint to it, which I really like. The name suits it, Ultimate Suede, as it stays on for hours upon hours. I think I might have just been lucky with the shade, but they have lots more in the collection! This product costs £8.99, which may be a little overpriced, but all in all, a good lipstick!

My final one I have is the No.7 lipstick in "Classic Rose". I love love love this lipstick! It is the most gorgeous colour ever. I certainly do not own anything like it at all! You might be thinking that the colour is strange, which I also thought at first, but it's so pretty on my lips. It costs £9.75, which I got it in a giftset for free (My mum bought No.7 make-up and got a free gift which she gave to me, thanks Mum!) I really do recommend this as it's great, and there's also other colours in the range.

That concludes my Top 4 Drugstore lipsticks. I really think you should give them a go as they're inexpensive. Any questions, leave them below in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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