Thursday, 22 June 2017

Can You Pull An All Nighter?♥*

Urban Decay has numerous famous products, one of those being their All Nighter Setting Spray*. In recent months, UD gave their spray a makeover; from the formula to the appearance of the product. I was one of the lucky bloggers, among many, who were sent out a miniature size of the spray to trial, and to sum it up, I was intrigued to put it to the test.

On any special occasions where I wear foundation (it's a very rare occurrence these days), I always opt for this setting spray. Typically, I use it after powdering my foundation, and it helps to lock it in and ensure that it doesn't slip and slide, and it helps to limit the appearance of a cakey face. Instead, my skin looks flawless and airbrushed. Using before highlight means that when highlight is applied, it appears bright, blinding and beautiful - it's honestly worth trying!

Before trying this out, I read many reviews to find out the general opinion of the product. Some people had used the spray before the foundation - so as a primer - and I decided that it would be a good idea to try it out for myself. Whilst doing so, it felt odd and weird. I don't know if it actually benefits the foundation though, I still felt as though it didn't truly keep my oil at bay. However, it was rather humid that day so this may have caused this. 

I think that between the two different ways you can use this spray, I definitely prefer using it the "traditional" way - the using after foundation way. With this new formula, there is a slight change in the scent - it's certainly stronger and more distinctive, so I don't know how this would work alongside sensitive skin.

Once again, I love this setting spray just as much as their original one. I think that I prefer the aesthetics of this one now than beforehand as it's quirkier and generally looks better. It's one of those products that is ideal for a night out - it's a makeup bag essential in my books!

Have you tried the "new look" all nighter spray? What's your opinion?

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Testing Out Kiko Eyeshadows♥

 I don't own that many Kiko products for some reason. Their packaging draws me in and I've read reviews upon reviews about the products. When I went shopping in the New Year, there were all of the sales, with signs plastered over shop windows with "sale" or "big savings" to entice shoppers in. Kiko were having between 30-70% off on certain items, and they were selling their single shadows for a bargain price of £1.70 - so I instantly grabbed two shades which were catching my attention.

256- One of my all-time favourite gold shades is running low, and it's part of a palette so I had to try and find a similar single shadow. When I saw this little number sitting glaring at me, I'm sure I could hear it calling my name. It's a beautiful, intense, sparkly gold which I adore. It is very similar to the gold in the palette I love so I was pretty chuffed about that. It's like a little pot of gold, and it's pigmentation is out of this world. It looks as though my eyelids are sparkling, and who would complain about that?

243 - I purposely chose a purple because I wanted something out of my comfort zone, and as I don't own a purple, I thought it'd be an ideal opportunity to buy one, especially because they were so cheap. The pigmentation is really good and the texture isn't too powdery, but you must ensure to blend it out or else it may look like you've had a bump up and have ended up with a black eye - not a desirable look at all! Blended to perfection, it can create an interesting eye look.

I have been impressed with these Kiko shadows - I seriously recommend picking some up when they're next on sale, you won't be disappointed, and the shade range is great!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Maybelline Big Shot Mascara♥*

Mascara is a wonderful thing. Honestly. Pop it on and it enhances your eyes immediately. Maybelline mascaras are one of my favourites from the drugstore, mainly because they're so inexpensive yet work amazingly. Recently, Maybelline sent me out one of their new mascaras, their Colossal Big Shot Mascara*, and to sum it up, it's quite frankly fantastic.

I was instantly drawn towards the mascara simply because of it's gold packaging, just like a magpie. The only criticism I have against the packaging is the fact that it gets dirty so easily because of it's colour, and you can see fingerprints on it but I guess you can look beyond this eh! As it's a shiny gold tube, I find that it's really eye catching and is sure to captivate your attention whilst shopping.

The wand is full of bristles that are all different lengths, and this ensures that each and every individual lash is coated with mascara. Due to each bristle varying in size and length, this means that lashes appear to be voluminous as every last lash is included. Personally, I feel that this mascara is more of a voluminous mascara as opposed to a lengthening mascara, however, I have pretty long lashes naturally so for me, it just emphasises my natural lashes. An added bonus is that it gives a curl to your lashes without the need of an eyelash curler, and for me, this just tops off the mascara!

I had taken this mascara on holiday with me and it's only fair to say that after over a weeks worth of use, I fell in love. It's right up my alley. Whilst away, I only wore makeup in the evenings (forget makeup during the day whilst round the pool by the way, far too hot!) but it was still quite humid (around 24 degrees celcius) and I can assure you that not once did it smudge on my eyelid or below my eyes - can you really beat that?

For the price tag (£7.99), I highly, highly recommend this mascara! Of all the reviews I've read about this mascara, it's been nothing but praise for it. Whether you have naturally long, or short eye lashes, this mascara most certainly will provide your lashes with heaps of volume!

Have you tried this mascara?

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Monday, 12 June 2017

Travel Diaries || Benidorm 2017♥

If you thought that I was a little absent from social media, then you're thinking correctly - I was away on holidays to Benidorm with my family for 9 nights (and it was amazing). Unfortunately this year there will be no lookbook (feel as though I'm breaking traditions) but I have something a bit different and quite exciting for you all, a travel diary of my break away.

I actually have been to Benidorm previously so it was absolutely fantastic to visit the place again - I seriously love it and revisiting it just felt so natural and homely. One place I just adore is the beach, it's well and truly beautiful. The sea is clear blue, as is the sky, and the promenade is miles long, connecting the old town Benidorm with the new town. Rarely did I go down to the beach because the sand is roasting hot and messy, but I enjoy walking along it, admiring it's beauty.

Each time we go to Benidorm, we always stay in the new town. This year we decided to hop into a taxi to go to the old town (it was less than 9 euros!) We chose to go on a Sunday, and we soon realised that many shops close on a Sunday, which meant less time for shopping, more time for walking around! I had to take some snaps of course - look how pretty it looks!

We went self-catering, so twice whilst away we took a walk down the town to a lovely restaurant called "Italian Garden". There were so many delicious meals to choose from, of which was quite a hard decision when all you want to do is try out everything! The service was exceptionally quick and the food was outstanding - has to be one of the best meals I ate the whole week!

I had pasta bolognase the first time - how colourful and appetizing does it look? The portion sizes were not huge, and being on holiday, your stomach does shrink so I even struggled to finish it, but it was extremely enjoyable!

The second time I had this dish - it was basically pasta in a creamy cheese sauce mixed with chicken, broccoli and mushrooms. Combining all of these ingredients created an exciting dish which was full of flavour and tasted fantastic!

I never managed to take a photo of this next dish but we went along to a Chinese which was only about 5 minutes away from us (it was called China Garden) and the food was divine, not to mention how lovely the staff were!

Where we stayed had numerous mountains in view, which looked gorgeous! I had to snap up a photo, especially because the sky looks beautiful in contrast to the mountains. Even simple scenery can create a fab photo.

I feel as though I have lots of other photos but don't want to bombard you with too many (or make you jealous hehe!) But honestly, if you haven't been to Benidorm, I highly recommend it - it's full of life and is dirt cheap! Not to mention how warm it is - I went late May/early June and I was swelting!

Where have you visited lately?

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Newtons Lab Skincare♥*

Skincare has been of great importance to me lately. I have been taking more care of my skin by wearing no makeup, letting my skin breath, drinking more water and incorporating more products into my skincare routine. By doing this, I've seen a vast improvement in my skin - it appears clearer, brighter and feels much better. Into my new skin care routine, I've been using Newtons Lab T-Zone Skincare* range.

Cleansing Cream Wash* - I was in need of a new facial wash of some sort so when this arrived I was so glad! It smells of tea tree, and for me, I really like this because it agrees with my skin and always leaves it feeling refreshed. I remove the product with a wet face cloth and then splash my face with some water. My skin instantly appears smoother and also looks clean and healthy. I haven't experienced any breakouts using this so it's a winner for my skin.

Nose Pore Strips* - I quite like using these nose strips. They help to remove any gunk and dirt that's within your pores (ewww) and unblocks the pores again. After removing the strip, my nose feels so clean and smooth, and you can see the dirt on the strip (it's minging but ever so satisfying!) My only fault with this is that I wish it removed dirt from further within the pores. Overall, I like these strips, and they have a tea tree scent which is ideal for oily skin.

Charcoal Wipes* - I didn't know how I'd feel about these because wipes aren't something I use as they don't get on very well with my skin. I was intrigued as these were charcoal, yet smelt like tea tree. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan - it's nothing against the wipes, it's just because as I said, wipes and I don't get along. If you wear foundation and don't have overly sensitive skin then perhaps they'd be more ideal for you.

Spot Zapping Cream* - I feel I haven't been able to use this little tube to it's full potential. My skin has been really clear lately (touch wood) and I've not had that many breakouts, maybe the odd couple in my hairline so I've zapped (ha) some of this onto them. It helps to dry them out a bit in an attempt to clear them up. I do think that for it's inexpensive price tag that the product is pretty decent.

As a wide range of Newtons Lab skincare products are designed for oily skin, I really enjoy using it because it's a brand which specialises in specific skin types, one which caters for people like me who have oily skin. All in all, it's a great, bargain skin brand. I've seen a few of their products which have caught my eye and I would like to branch out into trying them next.

*PR Samples

Monday, 5 June 2017

Unspoken About Eyeshadows♥

I love eyeshadow and there is absolutely no denying it. There's just so many stunning shades and the number of looks you can create are endless. As much as I'm always on the hunt for eyeshadow palettes (nothing better than owning 1000 different natural eyeshadow palettes), I do own a few single shadows, three of which are from No7.

Single shadows, blah de blah. I'm more of a palette girl - I think it's easier for daily use as you have all the colours you need together in one palette. However, there are some hidden shadow gems. I own three No7 eyeshadows, and aren't they just stunning? As annoying it may be to have individuals, they are lovely to use but blend smoothly.

The shade from Navy Trio comes in handy, for me anyway. I wouldn't recommend it all over the lid because there's not much colour to do so, however, it is fantastic for highlighting! It is a great colour to use in your inner corner and/or under your brow bone. It is quite shimmery and brightens your eye area. I find it's one of those shades which I find myself reaching for just to highlight with. It really finishes off a whole eye look.

The shade from Cappuccino Trio has to be my favourite out of the three I own. It's a beautiful, creamy brown-golden shade which can be wore in the crease OR all over the lid. If you know me, then you'll know I love gold eyeshadow, so you can bet I use this a lot. It is on the pigmented side, but can be built up to a more intense look. I find it's the perfect shade to add a little "something" to your completed look, whether that may be just across the whole lid for a wash of colour or into the crease for depth.

My final shade which is fairly new is the top shade from Tea Party Trio. It's completely different to anything else I own; singles or palette. I find it's a gorgeous colour which is ideal as a crease colour - it adds a lot of depth to your eye. It blends seamlessly too, and is rather pigmented. When it's blended on top of a transition shade, the blending is looks flawless, and there's more colour pay off. I think I love it because it's quite cool toned, and it's uniqueness makes me opt for it more often.

I feel that nobody ever raves nor talks about No.7 single shadows, the most known ones around the beauty world have got to be Makeup Geek or Mac. These retail at £7.00 each here and I'm now contemplating buying more!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Glossy, Model Worthy Hair?♥*

Since dying my hair last year, I became more cautious with regards to my haircare routine. I had slacked, as people do from time to time, but recently, I've been taking extra care. Lee Stafford is a brand that somehow always features in my routine, mainly because of all the different, available ranges, and their amazing products. Once again, the lovely people from nbpr (Lee Stafford PR) offered to send out some Lee Stafford products for me to try, and they've ended up in my haircare routine.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Heat Protection Spray* - you may remember a post from a few months ago about the Coco Loco range (if not, you can read it here), and it was a range that I quickly fell in love with. The range has a coconut scent - one of my favourites - and when I was sent the heat protection spray from this range, I was over the moon. Heat protection is vital to use, whether you're only using a hair dryer or actually styling your hair, it will help protect your hair from heat, preventing any damage. Personally, I really like this product, I use it in my hair when it's damp before drying and it helps untangle any tangles, and leaves my hair feeling smooth and silky.

Lee Stafford Lived in Spray* - this spray is ideal if you're after a messy, textured look. It's best applied to the length of the hair, not the roots - I accidentally did this and my roots appeared greasy, oops. It gives volume to the hair, and sometimes, I use this in my hair before putting it into a messy bun so that the hair is easier to work with, and not as "slippy". It smells like the original Lee Stafford range which smells divine. It would probably be ideal for those with shoulder length hair or shorter for a more voluminous, casual yet easily styled hair.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Scrub* - I'm undecided with this product. I mean, I think it's intentions are great, don't get me wrong, but it's just strange. Basically right, it's an exfoliator for your scalp - weird, yeah? Although it feels completely wrong (I feel as though I'm scrubbing a face scrub into my hair!), the results are worth it. When rinsed out - it's applied before any shampooing - my scalp feels fresh and healthy. Same as the texture spray, it has the original Lee Stafford scent, and after washing, my hair smells amazing. It's part of the hair growth range, and my hair is already really long (probably too long, aha...) so it's hard to see if I've had any progress lately, and because my hair has been in a bun lately, I couldn't say if I've noticed a real difference. If you were to use it along with the hair growth collection, you would notice vast improvement - you can find out more about the hair growth range here.

Using these products can help achieve smooth, shiny and glossy hair. You know those ads where the model always has thick, gorgeous hair? I genuinely think my hair resembles that look due to using these products (hehe).

*PR Samples

Monday, 22 May 2017

A Naked 3 Dupe♥

It's no surprise that majority of people love a dupe. I know for sure I do - it gives me an experience of the product before buying the real thing. W7 are famous for their dupes, and it's no shock why - they're amazing. Their products are similar to some of the big brands - Benefit, Urban Decay etc. They're well known for their dupes of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I like the look of the Naked 3, so what else did I do other than go out and buy the dupe, the W7 In The Nude?

The packaging is not identical but similar. It has the rose gold packaging, resembling the Naked 3, as well as a slight pattern on the tin. The packaging is sturdy and is quite metal like, so it will survive any bumps and bashes. The inside sadly doesn't contain a mirror, which is a slight disadvantage but nonetheless. The Naked 3 consists of mainly pink tones, hence why the colours inside this palette are. Inside, there's a gap for where a makeup brush comes. Don't get too excited, it's only a sponge applicator, however, it's actually pretty decent. There's a mixture of lights, pinks and dark colours; a mixture of mattes and shimmers; and a few glitters.

To me, this palette looks stunning. It's picturesque and photogenic. It's capable to create subtle day looks or dramatic evening looks, or in between. The shadows are pigmented and buttery, making them easy to blend. When used in conjunction with my Real Technique eye brushes, the finish is impeccable. I often leaving this palette sitting in the backseat, but when I use it again, I rekindle my love for it. The names are also adorable.

I've never tried the Naked 3, but some of my friends own it and say it's almost identical. Who knows, maybe one day I'll fork out the money and buy the Naked 3!

Do you own the Naked 3? Is this a good dupe?

Monday, 15 May 2017

The English Soap Company♥*

9/10 times, I use body wash, mainly because it's out of convenience and usually because I have a fair stash of them from Christmas or my birthdays. Recently however, I've been trying out some soaps - change is good sometimes you know! - and when I was contacted by The English Soap Company*, I knew I just HAD to try some of their soaps, their packaging was too adorable!

It's always more exciting when a brand sends you products without telling you exactly what they're sending. The first soap I received was their Green Tea Soap*, which is a rather exotic and unique. I wasn't sure how I'd like this soap however, because it's not like anything else I've ever tried, but despite this, I like it. It's a rich shea butter formula and it most certainly contains shea butter because it leaves your skin feeling intensely smooth.

Their Honey and Camomile Soap* is an interesting combination. It has quite a strong, distinct scent but smells fresh and exhilarating too. If the packaging isn't enough to draw you in, then the scent will. As it's different, I do quite like this, and it's perfect for using in the morning to really "wake you up".

As you can see, it's like a brick - it's a 200g block of soap which is guaranteed to last a life time. It lathers up really easily and then you're left with bubble-paradise. It's extremely creamy when lathered up and definitely hydrates your skin, leaving it feel silky smooth.

I have been impressed with these soaps! I've been looking on The English Soap Company's website and they have a wide variety of soaps available - there's even a Jasmine scented soap, ideal or what?!

Have you tried this brand?

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