Monday 20 February 2017

A Morphe 35O Lookalike Palette?!♥*

Morphe palettes, Zoeva and now Crownbrush. Such a variety of palettes with so many colours, the options are endless really. When Crownbrush offered to send me out one of their best selling palettes, I was delighted. They sent me out their 35 Colour Nude Shadow Palette* which as you can see, is full of beautiful shades, all of which are right up my alley.

All of the shades are so me - they are screaming my name. Golds, browns and warm toned oranges, what more could a girl (or guy!) wish for? One thing I happened to notice is that the warm toned oranges remind me of the ever so popular Morphe 35O palette. Each shade is different to one another; none of the browns are the same tone and the oranges all vary from shade to shade, which means no two shades are identical. There is a mixture of matte and shimmer too, creating a palette of variety. All of the shades are warm toned, and I personally like that.

I love how versatile this palette is, I can create various different eye looks. I find that at first use, the colours aren't overly pigmented - it's as though there is a layer over the shadows? - but by the second use, the colours will blow you away. Seriously. I accidentally forget how pigmented these shadows are and put way too much on my brush, but that's not a bad thing at all in my view as they blend really effortlessly and the completed look is guaranteed to always look beautiful.

I've been blown away with this palette. Course I had high expectations and it's only fair to say that they were met. If you're looking for an inexpensive palette which has lots of shadows to offer, definitely one to look in to!

*PR Samples


  1. What a great palette! Its' always nice to have a lot of great shadow colors in one palette.

    Maria |

  2. This palette looks beautiful! Really need to get myself some affordable eyeshadows like these :)

    Karishma |

  3. You should watch the Stephanie Nicole video on YouTube about Morphe, they are manufactured by Crown brushes, so will be the same product x

  4. I've got the Morphe 350 but this palette seems like such a more affordable version! Might have to try it outI. X


  5. I love the colours in this palette, they are so pretty xx

    Sophie's Spot

  6. This is a very ME palette. I love warm tones as they really help to warm up my complexion! Lovely post and pics xxx

  7. The colors are so pretty, definitely wearable for everyday. I heard that Crown manufactures Morphe products, that's probably the reason why. Lovely post x

    Shimmer and Matte

    1. Ah someone else also said that to me, I didn't know that! Thanks so much x

  8. The shades look absolutely beautiful. Perfect for my everyday look. x

    Jordan Alice

  9. It really reminds me of the morphe 350 too!! The shades look really beautiful I love that they are all warm and rich!!



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