Tuesday 9 July 2019

Get That Tropical Vibe On๐Ÿ’•*

One of my favourite scents is coconut. There's something about coconut scented body lotions that I'm obsessed with. As soon as I smell it, I'm instantly transported to a tropical island in the Summertime, smothered in suncream. Well, let me tell you about these two Shea Moisture's "Virgin coconut oil daily hydration" range.

Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Body Wash* || £10.99 - infused with coconut milk and coconut oil, this fair-trade friendly body wash is one to leave your skin thanking you. One thing I realised when using is that it's of a thin consistency, almost on the runny side, meaning you don't need much as it lathers up really well, creating a thick and bubbly foam. It has a really strong scent too, and it's one which is clearly noticeable on your skin after you come out the shower. Reading up on the website, it says you can use it as a bubble bath, however, I haven't ever done this as I'm not prone to taking a bath, I prefer a shower. It leaves my skin feeling ever so smooth and I love how clean my skin feels too. It doesn't feel harsh on my skin either, meaning it feels relaxing to use.

Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Body Lotion* || £10.99 - I find that body lotions tend to be quite thin as opposed to a body butter which is on the thicker side. However, this body lotion has completed change my mindset. Considering the packaging its in, and that it's a body lotion, I was rather surprised to find it has quite a thick consistency, leaning towards a butter. A little goes a long way where this is concerned. Also, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling and I've found my skin absorbs it rather quickly too. In terms of scent, it's identical to the body wash, and is really strong too, with a lasting impact. It leaves my skin not only smelling lush, but also in tip-top condition as it feels extremely soft. If I have any dry patches of skin, I apply a small amount of lotion and within a few days, it's back to it's good ol' self. It's a winner really. And, as I don't need a lot of lotion, it means this bottle will last me a lifetime, but the only downfall - when it begins to run low, how will I get the remaining product out? As with a body butter, it tends to be in a tub. Anyways, besides the awkward packaging, I highly recommend this lotion!

I didn't realise until I wrote this review that Boots not only stocked these two products, they also have a whole array of products from this line too! They even have a shampoo and conditioner which I'm intrigued by, as coconut not only works wonders for your skin, but also your hair...


*PR Samples


  1. I love these hair care products!!๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก



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