Friday 20 December 2019

The Returnđź’•

Now, this feels weird. To be sat down, actually writing a blog post for the first time in god knows how many months. Scrolling back, it turns out I've only shared 11 previous posts throughout 2019. Jeees.

Where have I been?

Ha. Good question. I'm now in my last year of college, so I'm putting my everything and more into this year, therefore I'm very preoccupied with that. Additionally, I work majority of weekends too, and trying to also find the right balance to squeeze in a social life is very, very challenging. Additionally, I sadly experienced my first heartbreak, leaving me with a lot of spare time, which I've decided to fill with blogging related aspects as a distraction.

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I started blogsallbeautyy in 2014 as a way to fulfil my passion for writing. Slowly over time, that passion has been put on the backbench due to other commitments, almost forgotten about in a sense. I've been treating myself lately to some new makeup pieces to cheer myself up, but also because I wanted to venture into the world of BeautyBay, and it reminded me of the days when I used to get excited over new makeup. Something in that excitement almost relit an old fire in me and inspired me to start blogging again. I find writing therapeutic, and want to be able to enjoy that passion again. A distraction from life.

My proper blogging schedule will begin as of January, and it will be the same posting schedule as always: Mondays at 5:30 pm GMT. It will take me time to build up a following again - perhaps I'll still have loyal followers who will return - but I will get there!

I have quite a few ideas in mind. It will remain solely as a beauty blog, but with a few more (hopefully) fashion posts too as I've numerous fashion pieces I'd like to share. I'll be more active on social media too (follow me on Instagram and Twitter) so keep an eye for some behind the scenes and general updates. 

Unfortunately there won't be any Christmas related content this year (I know, breaking traditions!) but as of January, I'll have some new, exciting and fun posts to share with everyone! 

Blogsallbeautyy is making a comeback. And it's big - watch this space!



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