Monday 19 May 2014

5 Products I Regret Buying♥

I recently was suggested to do this post, and I thought this was a good idea so decided to do this! It's not that I absolutely hate the brand, I personally just don't like the colour or it isn't the right shade for me. Also, these are not in any order, it's just a random order!

This first product is a W7 blush in shade "Baby Pink". To be honest, the only reason I bought this is because I was in need of a blush, but now I slightly regret it. It's way too pink, it looks quite light in the photos but in person it's so pink, it makes me look like Barbie! I'm quite glad it wasn't an expensive blush, it was only about £3 but it just looks really bad on my skin, I think it's maybe because I'm quite pale.
This is 17's eyeliner, and I think the shade is just black. It is an okay eyeliner, there's only one reason I dislike it, which is that it wears off really easily. I wear it on my waterline, and it barely even lasts 10 minutes, it's quite annoying. I bought it as I thought it would be good as it's by 17, but am quite disappointed.

 This product is 2True's concealer in Shade 2. I was recommended this by a friend so decided to give it a go. It's a 3 in 1 liquid concealer. I think this shade is too orange for me, as you can see from the above photo, it's too dark before it's blended in, then once blended in, you don't see much of a difference. I was quite annoyed as it creased really quickly too, and if I applied it to any blemishes, it just made them stand out even more!

This is Rimmel's "Sweet Jelly" lipgloss in shade "170 Sorbet". It is quite a nice colour I guess, but it is awfully sticky on my lips, and my hair gets stuck to it! It also tastes horrid (Not like you tend to taste make-up, but it is a lip product!) It's a bit shimmery too, and I'm not a fan on shimmer lipgloss! Maybe it's just not the lipgloss for me.

My last product is 2True's lipgloss in shade 2. When I first got this lipgloss, I adored it! But over time, I began to dislike it. The colour is quite nice on my lips, but is EXTREMELY sticky, even worse than the Rimmel lipgloss! It wears off really easily too, and doesn't smell too good either. When my hair is blown onto it, it gets covered in the lipgloss, leaving it sticky! Overall, a bad product for me!

These are all the products I regret buying. The brands are good, but these products happen not to be for me! Thanks for reading and leave any comments or questions in the comment section!


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