Monday 5 May 2014

My Top 5 Nail Polishes♥

Today, I thought I'd write about my favourite nail polishes. Whenever I paint my nails, these tend to be the colours I reach for. I shall now go into a bit of depth about each colour.

The first one is Revlon "Sweet Tart" in 185. As you can see, it's a really pretty colour which any girl would love (Obviously, it's pink!) It dries very nicely, and my nails always looks really pretty! It applies so evenly, and this is my nail after just two coats.

This lovely colour is George "Trick" in 39. It's such a lovely colour! I personally think it's quite a unique colour too as I don't own anything else like it! It caught my eye as soon as I seen it in  the shop! This is my nail after just one thick coat. 

This pretty colour is Barry M "Torquoise" in 295. It's a very nice shade of blue, a light shade and yet it looks great! I really like this nail polish but that may just because I love Barry M's collection! This is my nail after one coat.

This nice colour is yet another Barry M nail polish, but this time it's "Berry Ice Cream" in 308. This colour is so cute and girly. It's a pastel shade which is great to wear in the Spring and Summer months. This is my nail after one coat.

This final colour is a 2True nail polish in Number 48. One of my friends wore this and I adored it, so I went out and bought it! It's such a girly colour, even though it's more on the blue side, it's still a great wear! I love the glittery shimmer in it which makes it look lovely. This is my nail after two coats.

That's all for my top 5 nail polishes. I hope you maybe took some inspiration from it and will check out these lovely nail polishes! If there's any questions about any of the above nail polishes, make sure to leave a comment in the comment box below!


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