Monday 29 September 2014

CK One Summer 2014 Perfume♥

A few months ago, my cousin had the CK one Summer 2014 perfume, so I smelt it and it was just amazing. I had had my eye on it for a couple of weeks at this point, and when I smelt it, I just HAD to get it! I've owned it now for about a month, therefore decided to share it with you all.

Like most CK fragrances, the box is pretty simple. I do believe it's a limited edition perfume - which is a reason I was desperate for it. Depending on the light, the box can look more blue or green, it has a metallic look to it.

With this fragrance, you have two options - a cap in which you can pour it out or a pump in which sprays it out. I only put both on to show, but I always prefer to use a pump. I just find it too fiddly and messy for a cap, as too much either pours out or it runs down your neck and wets your top.

I only paid £16 for it in Boots (Originally £32) but I don't think Boots are stocking it, but I just found it here in Fragrance Direct for £17.99 (Originally £32)

"Featuring refreshing top notes of grapefruit, lime and juicy melon, Calvin Klein CK One Summer is a sweet and icy scent. Combining heart notes of white freesia and Cyprus with sweet base notes of coconut water, cedar and crushed sugar."

This is definitely one of my favourite perfumes. The scent is gorgeous, unique and definitely a Summer fragrance.

To sum this up in one word, it would be either perfect or beautiful, as it's both of them!

I believe there's a new one out every year, as all the previous ones have different bottles, but I don't know if the scent is the same or if it changes each year.

This is not a disappointment, I love it and so do all my friends!


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