Monday 15 September 2014

N-Spa Bath and Shower Gel Review♥

Around Christmas time, I always get lots of body sets, as I love them! People know I'm into things like that, so I end up receiving some. Back in Christmas 2013, I received two of the N-Spa Bath and Shower Gels from my sister (very kind of her!) I never used to know this, but N-Spa actually stands for Nirvana Spa, interesting. 

Consider this tip : Use these as a bubble bath. You get great bubbles, and they smell gorgeous!

As you can see, they're actually both empty. I finished them last month (August), but kept them for this post as I knew I'd be doing a review on them. The bottles are quite large, both containing 500ml, which lasts forever. They can be used for two things : either body wash or bubble bath.

This one is the "Exotically Creamy Coconut" version. How amazing it smells, I literally can't describe. I do really like coconut scents though - most people do! It claims to be "Natural vitamins for your skin" as well as "Real fruit goodness".

The other one I have is the "Fresh Sweet Raspberry" version. Raspberry body wash isn't one I'd look for, in fact, I didn't think I'd use it much! Turns out it's so good, it's quite sweet but isn't overly sweet.

If you'd rather go in-store and smell them before purchase, I do know Asda always stocks them, they also have body butters, body mists, body scrubs, hair and shower gel and bath bombs. Right now at Asda, they have a 2 for £4 deal across their products, so go snatch them up whilst you can!


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