Monday 10 November 2014

My Winter Essentials - Random Edition♥

I decided to start up a continuous series over the next few weeks, of all my Winter essentials. As you'll have read by the title, this is a "random" edition, meaning the things are just anything in general. I only have a few items but I'm just going to begin.

My first essential has got to be candles, especially winter scented ones. The one on the left is a Glade one I think? And it smells just like cinnamon, as I believe it is cinnamon and spiced apple! The one in the middle is an unknown brand and smells of frosted cherry, which is just another way of saying cherry basically! Finally, on the right, we have a Yankee Candle tealights set, with the scent being sugared apple, I will warn you it is quite sweet but just gorgeous! (Comment below your favourite Yankee candle scent!)

Winter isn't quite Winter without some hot chocolate! I love Cadbury's hot chocolate, and if you haven't tried it, then I suggest you do! I just like to drink it in a big, cute mug. (And don't forget the cream on top!)

The weather gets cold in the Winter, and it's best you keep warm! I suggest using hot water bottles/hand warmers. My hand warmer doesn't actually work anymore but I thought I'd include it in this post as it's ever so cute! My hot water bag is a rabbit, and you don't put water in it, but instead you remove the bag inside, pop it into the microwave for 1-2 minutes then put it back into the rabbit, easy! It also smells of lavender which I really like but some people don't like it. 

Along with keeping warm, a blanket is a must! I just have this red and cream polka dot one. I am aware that it does looks slightly orange in the photo but ah well, I do promise you it's red! Blankets are just so cosy to sit, cuddled up in whilst having a candle lit and drinking your hot chocolate!

Those are my favourite random Winter essentials. Make sure to check back next week for more!


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