Monday 3 November 2014

My Winter Pamper Evening 2014♥

I decided to start off my Winter blog posts with my pamper routine (Even though they say it's not officially Winter until 21st or 22nd December, I class 1st  November as Winter!) Once every often, I love to have a pamper night. Not only because it's fun to do, but it's good to pamper your skin! Since it's Winter, it's especially important to take care of your skin, as the colder weather can sometimes dry out your skin.

To start off, I like to remove all my make-up if I'm wearing any. I just use these Pampers baby wipes. There's nothing special about them, but if I wipe my eye too much, it stings!

If I feel like having a bath, I like this raspberry N-Spa body and bath wash. I'm not going to drone on too much about it, as I've already done a review, which you can read here. At the moment, I have ran out of it, this is my sister's one. If I happen to have any bath bombs or bubble bath, I'd use that instead.

Most pamper evenings, I feel like washing my hair. The one I have is an Asda "protect" shampoo and conditioner (Oooh 2 in 1, how fancy!). I only use this as I suffer from bad dry scalp and this is the only thing that prevents me from having any. It doesn't really have a scent as such, but it does leave my hair really soft.

I like using this face wash to exfoliate my face. It's by Superdrug, and it's in their "Deep action" range, it's also an exfoliating daily wash so I really like using this as it isn't as harsh as the St. Ives apricot scrub. I quite like this scrub as my skin feels really clean and smooth.

What's a pamper evening without a face mask? I feel like this is one of the best parts. I just use this Soap n Suds one. It's brown, and you just apply it, leave it on for 10 mins then wash off. This isn't the best of face masks, I have tried better.

I love using this Soap and Glory "Sugar Crush" body wash on pamper evenings, or any evenings in general! It's just so refreshing, and reminds me of sherbet! My skin absorbs the smell very well so I can still smell it afterwards.

To keep my skin hydrated, I use the Hollister "Silver Strand Beach" body lotion. This smell amazing, and I love it. If you wish to read more on it, click here for an older blog post of mine. It can be kind of pricey, but it's totally worth it.

I don't know about you, but I love applying perfume! Recently, I have been reaching a lot for Kylie Minogue's "Darling" perfume. It's so beautiful and I'm just a big fan of it.

Keeping your hands soft in Winter is a must for me! This Soap and Glory "Hand Food" does the job for me. It smells delicious and works wonders. If you've smelt the Righteous butter, it smells the exact same as this. 

Not forgetting lips, I apply some Vaseline. Sometimes, I prefer to use The Body Shop's "Chocomania" lip butter. Both are good, I just use whatever is closest.

For me, I feel like painting your nails brings everything together for the evening! Before painting my nails, I would dry my hair. I personally am obsessed with the Barry M nail paint collection, it's so good for the money! For it being Winter, I thought I'd choose a typical red nail polish. I just paint my finger nails and my toe nails with this.

After I've finished everything, I will then catch up on the Blog world and reach some blogs, then watch some YouTube videos.

What's your typical pamper evening?


  1. I love your Blog Jasmine, I always find it so interesting and good to read x

    1. Aw haha thank you hun, that's so nice! I love yours too :) x


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