Monday 25 July 2016

Budget Outfits♥*

The sheer excitement when you find a beautiful item of clothing for a bargain price is brilliant. Although some believe quality comes with price, I reject this as some of my favourite pieces of clothing were inexpensive. When Everything 5 Pounds got in contact about doing an outfit post featuring some products off the site, I could hardly resist.

Outfit 1
I love the detail of the Lace Back Stripe Crop Top* - the stripes compliment the lace very well in my opinion and isn't too over the top. The material is also flowy and light therefore is ideal for the Summer. I just paired my top with a pair of jeans from New Look, some slight rips but nothing too out there; I wanted to let the top do the talking.

Outfit 2
The Crochet Back Embroidery Top*  created more of a basic outfit. I decided that I'd wear my shorts with it because I liked the simplicity of the look altogether. The back of the top is really pretty: you would originally expect those "spaghetti straps" like normal vest tops, but this has something a little different.

I particularly like the Denim Zip Up Jacket* because it's smarter than your typical denim jacket. The style is more on the formal side, and could be classed as a "dressy" jacket. I feel it gives the outfit an overall smarter finish. If I were to go to somewhere formal, this jacket could be worn as it's not as casual than a denim jacket normally is.

Outfit 3
I adore the print on the Mono Check Print Crop Top*! It's a bralet style top with a striking print - rather eye catching. As the top is quite to the extreme, I kept the bottom simple with a basic black skirt, also from New Look. The monochrome trend is still popular so I decided that I'd wear it without being too bold, being more low key.

In each outfit, I'm also wearing the same Adidas shoes and Primark sunglasses as they went perfectly with every look, and I'm obsessed with how comfortable my shoes are!

Everything 5 Pounds has everything from tops to dresses, and is ideal for those last minute arrangements. Not to mention that the quality is brilliant too. The only thing is that I found I was unsure regarding sizes as it's risky ordering online, however, everything fits perfectly!

Have you found any bargains on E5P?

*PR samples


  1. That Mono Chrome print crop top is so cute!! Looks so lovely with your black skirt too x


    1. Thank you, I felt that the plain, black skirt went well with such a bold top! x

  2. These are some really nice outfits, and you look lovely in them all too x

    Sophie | Sophie's Spot

  3. I love the outfit. Black and White is my favourite combination.

  4. Love that denim jacket!

  5. The crochet top is really adorable!


  6. I love your looks, you look so cute! Cannot believe they are only £5!That is so so good! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. Such an interesting website! Love the last look x

    Cathy |

  8. I love the crochet back tank top. It definitely adds something different to your traditional tank.

    x. Cattleya

  9. Gorgeous outfits Jasmine!! You're SO pretty!!!

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx - The Perks Of Mollie Quirk

  10. I LOVE outfit three! It's so beautiful! That demin jacket is so interesting!
    Charlotte //

  11. Love them all! You've styled them perfectly, so cute.

  12. Cute outfits! I wish I could pull off the crop top look :) The denim jacket is really nice, perfect for fall too!


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