Monday 21 November 2016

Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Lipsticks♥*

Is there anything more exciting than new lipsticks? It's the whole excitement of seeing the packaging (again for the 100th time), and trying it out on your lips, none of that hand swatching nonsense! I hadn't heard much about the new Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Lipsticks* until they landed on my door step. I could wait to see their beauty!

 Classy but minimalistic. The sleek black packaging gives an elegant look and the overall aesthetic looks stunning and pleasing in a way. They aren't the typical "twisty cap" lipsticks - instead, it's almost in a button form. Simply, you press the top of the lipstick and the bottom pops out. I like this concept because it means you won't have those pesty lipstick stains all over your bag from the lid falling off. 

Bouquet Final* - My first impression on this lipstick was wow. It's so bright and vibrant, yet beautiful. As this one is a sheer formula, I was expecting there to be a light wash of colour, however, it definitely has more pay off and pigment than expected. It feels smooth whilst applying on to your lips, and is quite easy to apply in fact. With it being more on the bold side, you'd expect it to be messy to apply, but you don't need a lip liner or anything. It has a gorgeous and glossy finish, and it looks just as it does in the bullet whilst on the lips.

Caprice* - Oh, red lips, how I adore you. How many do I have in my collection now? Clearly not enough, of course. I can't fault this one though, it's a stunner. How classy does it look? Much like the previous lipstick, it has a beautiful, glossy finish. Even though it's a red, I don't feel it's such a bold and statement red - I would class this one as more of an everyday red lipstick - but it still pulls together any makeup look.

These lipsticks are like little tubes of luxury. With their stunning packaging and beautiful shade range, what isn't there to like? They look magnificent sitting in my makeup collection; my lipstick holder to be precise. They are so easy to wear on the lips: they are so light weight and honestly doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a lipstick. They have the typical lipstick smell - sweet but not sickly. I am happy to announce that they aren't sticky at all either, always a bonus! However, the only downfall I have occurred is that the staying power isn't amazing. It lasts a few hours but, it doesn't last much after eating: there is a slight trace of lipstick left behind but apart from that, nothing much. Don't let this put you off though, because, most lipsticks are like this.

I really do like these lipsticks. I like to throw these in my bag for on the go because I know I won't end up with lipstick all over my bag, and I know the application is simple and I don't need to be too precise whilst applying.

Have you tried these L'absolu Rouge lipsticks? What shades have you got?

*PR Samples


  1. I love both shades although I think I prefer Caprice - they're quite summery shades so I think they'd be perfect for next year! x

  2. These shades look amazing!!! I love the red lipstick, need to get my hands on those.

  3. getting a new lipstick truly is one of the most exciting things, haha! i hadn't heard of these, but both the shades look so lovely! xx

  4. Lovely shades and the packaging looks classy.

  5. Love these colors ! I love the packaging of lancome too !


  6. Love these, and loving the cute pics!!!

  7. Ooh I'm loving these shades, especially Caprice! Can't wait to see what makeup looks you do with it.

    Lizzie Bee //


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