Monday 29 May 2017

Glossy, Model Worthy Hair?♥*

Since dying my hair last year, I became more cautious with regards to my haircare routine. I had slacked, as people do from time to time, but recently, I've been taking extra care. Lee Stafford is a brand that somehow always features in my routine, mainly because of all the different, available ranges, and their amazing products. Once again, the lovely people from nbpr (Lee Stafford PR) offered to send out some Lee Stafford products for me to try, and they've ended up in my haircare routine.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Heat Protection Spray* - you may remember a post from a few months ago about the Coco Loco range (if not, you can read it here), and it was a range that I quickly fell in love with. The range has a coconut scent - one of my favourites - and when I was sent the heat protection spray from this range, I was over the moon. Heat protection is vital to use, whether you're only using a hair dryer or actually styling your hair, it will help protect your hair from heat, preventing any damage. Personally, I really like this product, I use it in my hair when it's damp before drying and it helps untangle any tangles, and leaves my hair feeling smooth and silky.

Lee Stafford Lived in Spray* - this spray is ideal if you're after a messy, textured look. It's best applied to the length of the hair, not the roots - I accidentally did this and my roots appeared greasy, oops. It gives volume to the hair, and sometimes, I use this in my hair before putting it into a messy bun so that the hair is easier to work with, and not as "slippy". It smells like the original Lee Stafford range which smells divine. It would probably be ideal for those with shoulder length hair or shorter for a more voluminous, casual yet easily styled hair.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Scrub* - I'm undecided with this product. I mean, I think it's intentions are great, don't get me wrong, but it's just strange. Basically right, it's an exfoliator for your scalp - weird, yeah? Although it feels completely wrong (I feel as though I'm scrubbing a face scrub into my hair!), the results are worth it. When rinsed out - it's applied before any shampooing - my scalp feels fresh and healthy. Same as the texture spray, it has the original Lee Stafford scent, and after washing, my hair smells amazing. It's part of the hair growth range, and my hair is already really long (probably too long, aha...) so it's hard to see if I've had any progress lately, and because my hair has been in a bun lately, I couldn't say if I've noticed a real difference. If you were to use it along with the hair growth collection, you would notice vast improvement - you can find out more about the hair growth range here.

Using these products can help achieve smooth, shiny and glossy hair. You know those ads where the model always has thick, gorgeous hair? I genuinely think my hair resembles that look due to using these products (hehe).

*PR Samples


  1. I'm so bad when it comes to Hair Care, I rarely give it any thought, purely because I can never be bothered haha. But I read Model Worthy hair, and thought yess, this is what I need to up my game haha! And it also helps that I'm in need of a new heat protectant :)

    1. Hahah I can be lazy with hair care too! Yay so glad I could help! x


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