Monday 15 May 2017

The English Soap Company♥*

9/10 times, I use body wash, mainly because it's out of convenience and usually because I have a fair stash of them from Christmas or my birthdays. Recently however, I've been trying out some soaps - change is good sometimes you know! - and when I was contacted by The English Soap Company*, I knew I just HAD to try some of their soaps, their packaging was too adorable!

It's always more exciting when a brand sends you products without telling you exactly what they're sending. The first soap I received was their Green Tea Soap*, which is a rather exotic and unique. I wasn't sure how I'd like this soap however, because it's not like anything else I've ever tried, but despite this, I like it. It's a rich shea butter formula and it most certainly contains shea butter because it leaves your skin feeling intensely smooth.

Their Honey and Camomile Soap* is an interesting combination. It has quite a strong, distinct scent but smells fresh and exhilarating too. If the packaging isn't enough to draw you in, then the scent will. As it's different, I do quite like this, and it's perfect for using in the morning to really "wake you up".

As you can see, it's like a brick - it's a 200g block of soap which is guaranteed to last a life time. It lathers up really easily and then you're left with bubble-paradise. It's extremely creamy when lathered up and definitely hydrates your skin, leaving it feel silky smooth.

I have been impressed with these soaps! I've been looking on The English Soap Company's website and they have a wide variety of soaps available - there's even a Jasmine scented soap, ideal or what?!

Have you tried this brand?

*PR Samples


  1. I am the same as you, I like using body washes that are in a bottle just for ease and convenience. I love the look of these and the packaging is so adorable! Great post.

    Pinar |

  2. I enjoyed your review of this soap brand but I never tried it myself...unless someone gifts me a body wash, I have been loving bar soaps from SheaMoisture and other natural brands because they are non drying and moisturizing and last long!


  3. Lovely review! I've never tried this brand myself and don't really think too much about the body wash I use. Sounds like I should :)


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