Monday 6 November 2017

Bargain Makeup || A Makeup Look♥

Sometimes I look at my makeup and think "How can I change up my every day routine without spending a fortune?" Sometimes you just get bored using the same products or just fancy buying a new foundation. When I was in Superdrug during the Summer, browsing, as you do, I came up with a blog post idea - I'd attempt to do a makeup look on a budget. It was especially fitting because I was stood in a "drugstore" and there was quite a few special offers on too.

Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation || £3.49 - I don't want to ramble on too much about this foundation because I've already reviewed it (read here) but I thought I'd give a quick over view. I wasn't initially sure what this foundation would be like, mainly because it cost me less than £5, but I decided to pick it up as a) I hadn't bought a new foundation in ages and b) I liked the matte aspect to it. Of course, I never use it without a primer, because having oily skin like mine, it's just not possible to wear a foundation without one. The coverage is low yet you could build up a few layers and it wouldn't look cakey. It doesn't feel drying nor heavy on the skin too, and looks natural too. 

MUA Translucent Pressed Powder || This was one of the first ever makeup products I bought, what a throwback! It's just a simple pressed powder that does the trick. It doesn't necessarily have much colour to it, but it still locks my foundation in place and keeps shine to a minimum. I mean, for £1, it does it's job so I cannot complain.

Miss Sporty Studio Colour Quattro Burberry Eyeshadow Quad || £2.99 - Sticking with the Miss Sporty theme (there was a 3 for £5 offer on, would be rude not to!), I went for an eyeshadow quad. There were quite a few available, all of which contained pretty shades, but I opted for this one - the warm tones were calling my name, as were the pretty shades. It's just a shame about the pigmentation. After I bought it, I decided to google the palette. The reviews were saying how pigmented the shadows were, however, for me, this wasn't the case. For some reason, I felt they weren't overly pigmented, and were quite hard to build up too, which is a shame because some of the colours are beautiful. Perhaps for a beginners this quad would be more suitable as it's not as intense. I might need to try again with this quad and see if I can get any further with it.

Miss Sporty Studio Lash The Miaoww Eye Liner || £2.99 - I am not at all fussy with my eyeliners, I tend to choose inexpensive ones simply because I don't see the point in spending a lot of money on something that I know will eventually dry up. Personally, I like the felt tip pens for eyeliner as I find them easier to use and hold, hence why I went for this one. It's actually pretty decent for the price! It's a true black, matte liner which doesn't smudge whatsoever. It's guaranteed to give a classy cat eye, whether you match it with bold makeup or go for a simple look.

Natural Collection Mascara || The range has been updated since I last bought a mascara, and they now sell a mascara for length, volume and a waterproof too. The one I have is their original mascara and it actually works well for the job. It lengthens and makes your eyes appear bigger and more awake. Just be wary though, it can dry up quite fast meaning the mascara may flake off your lashes, however, I can look upon this as I like the appearance of it on my lashes.

Natural Collection Brow Kit || I frigging love this brow kit. It comes with a tinted brow wax, a powder, a miniature brush and brow spoolie. Although mine is a slight mess, I believe that it clearly illustrates to you how much I love this little set. It helps to define the brows; using only the powder provides a softer, more subtle brow look whereas combining it with the wax gives a stronger, bolder brow look.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick - The One || £1 - Makeup Revolution are remotely known for their inexpensive yet high quality makeup, and one product I've heard about loads is their lipsticks - they have a whole range at a whopping £1! I picked up a nude lipstick because a nude lipstick goes with every makeup look, and at the end of the day, it was only £1. The formula is quite creamy - the first time I tried it, it felt quite drying but this is often the case when you first try makeup for some odd reason - but after that, it's been fine. I can't quite decide whether or not it compliments my skin tone; being pale, it can be hard to find a nude that suits me. The colour itself is really pretty, and if I was wanting to buy a new lipstick, I'd considering MUR to see if they had any other exciting shades!

Here are two quick shots of the makeup look. I didn't want to do anything too extreme, and the most of the attention is definitely the eyes due to the eyeliner and the slightly smokey eye look. 

My final point to make here is that budget makeup is most certainly worth looking into testing because some drugstore makeup works just as well as highend makeup!!


  1. Aww it looks like a lovely makeup look! I love it when you find good quality products by affordable brands xx

    Lauren |

  2. Makeup Revolution seems to have really quality products for the price! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  3. I used to love the natural collection mascara when I was in school! Such a subtle looking mascara that can be built up to make the lashes look super voluminous!
    Amber |

  4. Loved this post, the makeup looks amazing and is so well priced! X

  5. I love the sound of the eyeliner! Such a good price too, I'm after a new felt tip liner so will have to try this :) xx

  6. That foundation is such a throwback for me!! it used to be my holy grail until i realised the shade was way too orange for me!


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