Monday 27 November 2017

Lee Stafford Blow Dry♥*

I do slack when it comes to hair. Sometimes I just simply cannot be bothered, and there's just no excuse for it. I have quite thick hair and the drying process can be lengthy. I need to blow dry it or else it just WON'T dry, literally. I'm always up for trying out new products, and if they claim to help blow drying time, then sign me up ASAP. When the PR from Lee Stafford contacted me about trying out their Air (or Blast) Dry range, my answer was pretty obvious to say the least.

Lee Stafford Air (Or Blast) Dry Foam* || £7.99 - When it comes to using hair products, I look for three things - A) They smell good, B) They don't make my hair greasy and C) They actually work. When it came to using this foam, I was unsure at first as to how much to use, so I used one pump. It turns out that due to how long and thick my hair is, I can get away with using two pumps. It's a lightweight formula that doesn't weigh my hair down nor does it feel sticky. My hair soaks up the product well and doesn't tangle it at all. It has the exact same scent as all of the other Lee Stafford products, making it a recognisable, distinct smell which I cannot help but love. It claims to reduce frizz but I cannot comment on this because I don't tend to experience this but I can tell you that my hair looks lush and shiny after blow drying; plus, it smells amazing and feels super soft. I believe that it makes my hair feel quite hydrated after using too!

Lee Stafford Air (Or Blow) Dry Cream Lite* || £7.99 - I find it hard judging how much product to use when it comes to a tube - with a pump I know how many pumps to use, and with a spray, I know that the product is dispersed anyways and that I don't need that many pumps. I've figured that I only need a small amount, like a 10 pence piece. I just rub it on my hands and run it through my hair using my fingers. Much like the previous product, it leaves my hair so shiny and soft post blow drying. It acts as a heat protector so that's a bonus in my books. It claims to moisturise, soften, smoothen and enhance shine, and I think that it has achieved all of these. It has the same scent as the foam, so does it get much better?

Typically it takes me between 5-10 minutes to properly dry my hair, but I think that using these maybe cuts it down by 2-3 minutes. Although it's not drastic, every minute counts - because drying your hair seriously is a chore.

I love numerous things about Lee Stafford products, including their pink packaging (I'm a girly girl at heart), the divine scent and how affordable they are compared to some high end products yet work incredibly well. There are a few ranges available meaning there is always something available for someone.

Have you tried this range from Lee Stafford? What was your experience like?

*PR Samples


  1. What a great post! I’m the exact same when it comes to hair, i have thick hair and it’s a pain washing it and actually drying it too! This product looks good i need to try! x

  2. I appreciate for giving this excellent information.It’s fantastic to read about how you gathered all of the necessary information.
    Air Dry v/s Blow Dry


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