Wednesday 20 December 2017

My Favourite Things About Christmas♥

Wednesday, 20th December. It's currently only five days until Christmas and I cannot quite believe it. I have failed miserably at this whole advent calendar thing (I didn't remember to do it every day, but in all honesty, who is the real winner here when I get about four days of chocolate at once?!) but December has honestly flown past. In general, 2017 has flown past. I didn't get quite as many festive posts up on here as I had hoped, but life has been busy lately. For my last festive post, and final blog post of 2017, I have decided to sum up my favourite things about Christmas.

Festive blog props - You know I love my blog props as it is, but I love the festive aspect of it. Instead of my typical white background, I've loved using wrapping paper or gold tissue paper to give the festive vibes. For this blog post, I decided to use artificial snow in the photos, and although it looks cute, it was extremely messy! Tinsel and baubles have came in handy too, and they look pretty too!

Glitter - I have an eye for all things pretty, and sparkly, throughout the year, but glitter occurs more frequently throughout the festive period, and I love that. Glitter exists everywhere, from Christmas cards to gift bags, and makeup to decorations. Glitter is messy as hell, but it just makes everything ever so festive!

Christmas Music - Give me all the Christmas music and I will instantly become Mrs Clause. Christmas music has been played non-stop in my work, on the TV and on the radio (not to mention being played on repeat on my Spotify!) Nothing beats the old classics. My top three includes "Fairytale of New York", "Last Christmas" and "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday". I mean, new releases are alright but nothing will beat the old songs.

 Christmas Markets - I went to the Christmas Markets one day with my best friend Emma, and it made such a cute day out. I, of course, was in my element taking photos of everything, and the food smelt incredible. I didn't actually buy anything but I just enjoyed the day out. We really wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel but it wasn't even open! Unfortunately it was raining but we didn't let it ruin our festive vibes!

The Joy - Have you ever noticed that people seem to be happier around Christmas time? I mean, after all it is the season of happiness isn't it? There's always more of a buzz around Christmas time, and I love it; I just wished it occurred more often. Oh, I wish it could be Christmas everyday purely for this reason!

As Christmas is on Monday, I will not be posting. Instead, I shall be spending the day with my nearest and dearest, aka my family. I wanted to take this quick moment to say that I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year. Blogsallbeautyy shall be returning on the 1st January 2018 with new energy and exciting content. I may be straying away slightly from the whole "beauty" thing because I have a lot of topics which I wish to write about, and I love writing. After all, it is my blog and they are my rules!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Christmas music is my fave! Even if I do get sick of it eventually haha xx]

    Lucy |

  2. I adore Christmas. It's a special time of year. My fav? CANDLES <3 And preparing gifts for the whole family!

    Just Ajda

  3. Ooh I love these baubles! I bought a tube of red mini baubles from Tesco for just £1 for my blog! Happy Christmas x

    1. They make such good props! I got these for about £1 in home bargains x

  4. Jasmin, I'm excited to read you're new posts for 2018. I hope you have a lovely Christmas! xx


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