Monday 1 January 2018

Resolutions For 2018๐Ÿ’•

I know I'm not alone when I say it's really satisfying that the 1st January 2018 is a Monday. An ideal time for a fresh start. I don't do this whole "New Year, New Me" thing because if you want to change your life at any point, then you can. I also don't tend to set New Years resolutions because I enjoy setting myself daily, weekly or monthly goals. I have decided that I am going to share a few of my goals which I hope to achieve by this time next year. These are just general because I personally break them down further to achieve them.
1. PHOTOGRAPHY: I feel this is a never ending goal for bloggers in general. I'm forever working on my photography, trying out new techniques to try and improve my photos. You may not know, but I enjoy photography out with my blog (cheeky plug but you can check out my work here and here). As of October 2017, I upgraded my camera to the Canon EOS 1300D (my first ever DSLR!) and I'm loving it so much so far.

2. SAVE: I'm not the biggest spender ever, I'm most definitely a saver, however, I've decided to save even more this year. I have a jar which I used to use to save my £2 coins and it builds up so quickly, and for some bizarre reason, I stopped, but I've changed my mind and decided I'm going to start saving them up again.
3. BLOG: I kind of slacked in the blogging department throughout 2017, it was completely unintentional; sometimes life gets in the way and that's normal. For 2018, I'm going to put in a lot of hard work. Although my blog is predominately beauty, I haven't been into makeup and all that jazz lately (who am I?!) which makes blogging hard - how can I review makeup if I'm not wearing it? I'm going to be steering my blog in a slightly different direction, incorporating more "lifestyle" posts. I'm not going to give too much away right now, I'd rather keep you on your toes! This also means posting more on my Instagram. I suck at that but I need to try more!

4. MOVE ON: 2017 was a pretty positive year for me. A lot of good things happened for me, which caused certain things to change slightly, but life happens. It taught me to move on, and don't look back and dwell. Which is for the best. It's my life so why wait around?
5. WORK ON ME, FOR ME, BY ME: Basically, I just want to work on me as a person. Improve. I find working myself with my own goals and intentions means I'm able to strive myself to achieve my dreams. Hustle guys, and keep going.

6. LANGUAGE: Fun fact, but I can speak French. By no means am I fluent in the language, but I know quite a fair bit. I do like French of course, and I intend to consolidate my vocabulary further, but since the Summer, I have been teaching myself Spanish! It may only be the basics but I'm definitely glad I made the decision to start because I've been enjoying it. Spanish is very similar to French, and I believe that this is why I've been picking it up quite well. Duolingo, you are my favourite app.

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2018!

What are your 2018 Resolutions?



  1. Love this post! Photography is definitely something I want to work on this year - I've just got a new camera so there's no better time!xx

    Lucy |

  2. Photography is one of the main things I want to work on. I'm always so critical of each photograph I edit and upload. I really need to save too!

    Beckie // The Pale Tails

    1. Oh trust me, I'm the same. But I reckon it's a good thing because you know where you can improve on next time x

  3. I didn't create resolutions this year in particular, but I feel like we are aiming for similar things, I hope you manage to achieve these x

  4. I've never been into the new year new me thing either for the same
    reason! I'm excited for some lifestyle posts from you lovely !!
    Saira x xx

  5. Hi Jasmin I’m the same as you. I really need to save better this year. I’m so not good at it but I’ll never get what I want if I don’t. Here’s to 2018 being an awesome year for you xx

    1. Hello! If you set your mind to it then you’ll make it! Yes girl, let’s make 2018 our year! x

  6. Wishing you so much luck with your goals for 2018 beautiful. I'm more than sure you're going to achieve them all. I'm sending you so much love! ๐Ÿ’œ✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |


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