Monday 22 January 2018

Lord and Berry's Creamy Duo💕*

When it comes to contouring, I'm very picky with my products. I find it very hard to find products that aren't too orange toned nor too grey toned either, especially as I'm so pale things can look "dirty" on my face. Perhaps I haven't quite hit the nail on the head here, but I don't like how powder contour looks. Quite frankly, I don't feel as though it does anything; cream contour is my friend when it comes to contouring. As for blush, well I don't tend to use it, but I'm the opposite to contouring. I tend to use powder blush as opposed to cream blush. I couldn't quite believe it when an email from Lord and Berry landed in my inbox - of course I replied as soon as I saw the email and I was ever so excited, especially because the PR was so lovely!

Lord and Berry Cream Blush* || Shade 8233 Sweet Pink || £20 - Please don't tell me I'm the only girl who finds cream blush impossible to work with at first? I just struggle. This blush is a beautiful pink, almost a bubblegum pink. Personally, I'd say this is a S/S shade because it's brighter pink. A small bit is all that's needed when it comes to this blush as it goes a long way. I've found the easiest way to blend out is with a damp beauty sponge and just blend the heck out of it. It's a really pretty, light and girly blush which looks gorgeous and natural on pale skin tones.

Lord and Berry Cream Bronzer* || Shade 8932 Biscuit || £22 - Cream contours are my jazz, and if I didn't make that clear enough in the first paragraph, then I don't know how I could. At first, I was worried it was going to be far too dark for me because it looked dark in the pan, but I went ahead with it anyways and gave it a bash. It turns out it looks pretty great on my skin and in the blink of an eye, my cheekbones become instantly visible. Although it gives a chizzled look, it still remains natural and I love that. It may be a bronzer, but it works incredibly as a cream contour. Some cream contours can be "dry" but this blends out effortlessly. All I use is a real techniques pointed foundation brush to apply to the areas I wish to contour, then blend out with a damp beauty sponge.

I love the packaging of these products. Although they're simple, they look, and feel, expensive (after all, they are on the pricey side). They do have a slight fragrance I have noticed, but it doesn't bother me whatsoever. I feel that these are a luxury for any beauty lover to have stored in their makeup collection. 

Have you ever tried Lord and Berry? Any products I should try?



  1. Not to sure i like the look of the bronzer but i love the look of the blush looks like a pretty universal shade

    Andrew James -


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