Tuesday 10 April 2018

BAB turns 4๐Ÿ’•

For the fourth here in a row, here I am, star struck at the fact my blog is, once again, another year older. My blog is growing each and every day - some more than others - but that’s beside the point, because my passion is indefinite. The opportunities I have been presented with are immense, and my blogger friends have remained as precious and supportive as always. Over the years, I have been asked multiple questions regarding blogging, especially revolving around beginning a blog. Here are some reasons to create a blog, whether your blog falls into the beauty niche or not.

1. A place to express yourself; I use blogging as a platform to voice my opinions and share my reviews with like-minded people. Reviewing a lipstick means that I’m informing my audience on my views, helping them shape an opinion too, or make a decision as to purchase the lipstick or not. The same goes for lifestyle blogs, as discussing an important issue helps spark a debate and see people debating their views, with them knowing your take on the issue too. If you like to write opinionated texts, then welcome to the works of blogging.

2. Sense of belonging; I feel that this point seems a little deep, but let me explain. A blog, no matter the niche, is a blog, and the person behind that blog is a blogger who is automatically a member of a blogging community. You belong here. You have a similar interest as millions of other people in the world, and we all connect via words. Blogging unites us. Of course we are not obliged to like every single person, but in the blogging community, I try my best to support fellow bloggers, whether it’s retweeting their link on Twitter, following their Instagram or leaving them a comment. No matter who you are, your background etc, you will fit into the blogging community and are guaranteed to make some blogging friends - trust me, they are the nicest bunch of people out there and I’m so lucky for each and every one I have.

3. A way to improve numerous aspects; When I first started blogging, I expected it to be a hobby and thought nothing more of it. But, there’s a whole load more to it. I have improved my English in terms of accuracy (I used to have a tendency of rushing things and not proof reading) and added new vocabulary to my knowledge, learnt new camera skills as well as incorporated the skills I’ve learnt from college into my photos, and improved upon myself with regards to confidence and self belief. For those who don’t blog mustn’t understand how much blogging improves your self confidence, but it’s insane. And, I’m living proof to say that four years later, blogging has made a positive impact upon my life.

If you’re considering creating a blog, then I cannot urge you enough. If you make one life changing decision this year, let it be that you create a blog.



  1. Congratulations! I love your blog and this was a great read :) x Keely x

  2. Happy birthday Blogsallbeauty!! And well done for all your hard work. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  3. Congratulations! You’ve worked so hard and come so far :) My blog will be four in December! X



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