Monday 2 April 2018

An Eyeshadow Palette For Beginnersđź’•

Eyeshadow is probably one of the hardest aspect of makeup, beside liquid eyeliner. One wrong shade and you've destroyed the whole look. Although at first it is difficult, after you've got the act and the right palette, you can pretty much ace any look. Finding a palette that is affordable and suitable for beginners can be hard, however, I believe I've found the one.

Seventeen Easy On The Eye Palette in Birthday Suit I'm looking at you. By looking at the name, you can already guess that the shades are going to be more on the natural and subtle side. The palette contains eight powder shadows, three cream shadows and a primer. At first, I felt I'd overlook the primer, but in actual fact, it's really good and I feel the colours appear more pigmented on my lid. It's hard to muck up eyeshadow using this palette because the shades are on the lighter side and aren't intimidating either. The shadows blend easily too and this allows you to improve your blending skills (even I'm still getting there ha..)

At first glace, it is clear that the palette is a pink, golden and brown bases palette - I have no objections to, they are among some of my favourite shades. The pigmentation is impressive for the price of the palette too - nothing worse than a bargain palette with weak pigmentation. I have blue eyes and feel the colours compliment my eyes quite well. If you're a beginner with eyeshadow, you can't really go wrong with this palette. Personally, I'd suggest using a pink on your lid and a brown shade in your crease.

For £7.99 and you have little or no experience with eyeshadow, this palette is ideal. I love it and have to admit - I do reach for it often!

Have you tried this palette? Do you have a recommended eyeshadow palette for beginners?


  1. Lovely palette...great selection of colours. I like the look of the brown one. xx

    1. Browns are one of my favourite shades to work with. So versatile yet always look pretty x

  2. So affordable! Loving the shades in this palette :)

    Anika |


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