Monday 16 July 2018

Testing Eylure Brow Productsđź’•*

Brows these days are rather important to some individuals. To me, I'm not crazy on them - sometimes when I do my makeup I don't bother doing them and I'll happily leave them undone to leave the house - but every so often, when I want to make an effort, I'll do them. I haven't quite found my holy grail product yet, so I'm willing to try anything out! got in touch, asking if I wanted to try out some brow products from Eylure, I was intrigued as they specialise in eyelashes, so I said yes. And here's the verdict.

Eylure Brow Paint* || Mid-Brown || £8.95 - I won't lie, this product baffled me at first because of the applicator. I had previously tried concealers of a similar manner in terms of applicator, so I was a bit scared to try this out - especially with it being a brow paint, and I am pretty clumsy. On my first use, I found myself twisting the bottom part of the pen for ages before any product came out, then boom - loads appeared at once. It sure doesn't lack pigmentation that's for sure. As it's the first time I've ever used a product quite like this, I found it difficult to work with, however I know the more I use it, the easier the application will be. I did feel that my brows looked too dark and I initially thought it's because the shade was too dark for me, but now I believe I just used too much product. A light and steady hand is necessary with this product!

Eylure Precision Brow Crayon* || Mid-Brown || £5.90 - I'm used to brow pencils, so I could easily fill my brows in with this. It's the same shade as the brow paint, but I feel that this looks a lot lighter in my brows - perhaps this is just the different formulas, which will alter the opacity. At first, I felt that it looked ashy in my brows for some weird reason, but I couldn't see it the next time I used it. I like that on one end is the product, which twists up so no sharpeners needed, and a spoolie on the other side to brush your brows. I'd say it appears on the natural side, as it leaves them full but not overdone. It helps to give them shape and frame your face without being too overpowering.

I must say, I have really liked these products. Considering Eylure are mainly known for their eyelash products, I feel that they have successfully conquered brow products and have created some fantastic products that aren't overly expensive either. Shoutout to Eylure!


*PR Samples


  1. never tried anything from eylure, but now i’m interested to try it out! great post! Amelia Xx


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