Monday 3 September 2018

Facial Creams - What's The Difference?πŸ’•

Day cream, night cream, moisturisers and the list continues. What is what; what's the difference, do the formulas vary and in all honesty, is there any need for so many? For years, I used the same moisturiser, day and night, all year round, regardless of the season. Now that I've decided to branch out with my skincare and am more willing to try out new facial creams and moisturisers, I've discovered that really, there is a massive difference and each will act differently with your skin.

As you can see, I have three; a day moisturiser, a night moisturiser and a moisturising cream. Is there genuinely any need for all three? Yes. I went on a mad spree with the Superdrug Vitamin E Range earlier this year - I ordered things such as micellar water and facial scrubs - and in among the order was the night cream, and I picked up the other two moisturisers not long after. I opted for the same skincare range because that's what I tend to do anyways, and my skin tends to agree with it.

Vitamin E Radiance Face Cream || £2.99 - I'd say that this has the lightest, thinnest formula out of all three because it's a cream as opposed to a moisturiser. It's not water based and it's not thick either - it's your typical facial cream consistency. This cream I use in the mornings throughout Summer, because it's supposed to be warmer outside (or in Scotland, it's muggy), and you don't want something heavy that'll make your skin feel greasy, heavy or sweaty. I also use it in the morning because after you apply it, you're typically going to be busy, on the move etc, and therefore don't want something that feels sticky and will take an absolute age to be absorbed. As it's light, you can apply it and not need to worry about it drying before going ahead with your makeup. It's ideal for oily skin (which is myself), but I don't see any reasons why it couldn't work for dry/combined skin. As it's a radiance cream, it's supposed to make your skin look bright and healthy, so it's another reason to use it in the mornings.

Vitamin E Night Cream  || £2.99 - A cream that I've been using religiously since I bought it. It's my first time experiencing a night cream, so I wasn't too sure what to expect. One thing I can point out instantly is that it is significantly thicker than the previous cream, and that's because it's a night cream. The clue is in the title, a cream created to use in the evenings post skincare routine, as it is thicker - normally, you do your skincare routine before your bed, therefore it gives the cream the opportunity to sink into your skin and work wonders before waking up in the morning. I was worried that I'd find it too heavy for the humid nights we had throughout the Summer, but this didn't occur at all - it doesn't leave a greasy residue on your skin as it's all absorbed, and rather quickly too. I always worry about using thicker creams because I have oily skin, but it's a complete myth that if you have oily skin you should skip moisturiser - it does have an added bonus. It leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and looks healthy.

Vitamin E Day Cream || £2.99 - The last to join my collection, but doesn't receive any less care than the others. I hadn't ever tried a day cream before, as I used to just buy general face creams. I can tell you that this cream will be used a whole load more in the Winter - the consistency is definitely the thickest out of the lot. In the Winter, my skin can lack hydration and moisture, so I need to change my moisturiser and I know that this one will be ideal. I don't need to use a lot when applying as a small amount goes a long way - I think this is because how thick it is. I do feel it takes a little longer than the previous moisturisers to be absorbed by my skin, but nothing too ridiculous. It leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and hydrated, looks bright and healthy and smells great too.

The whole Vitamin E Range has the same distinct scent throughout - it kind of makes me think of an extremely light coconut scent without being coconut at the same time, it's hard to describe. Of course, every facial cream will vary from the above, but it's just a rough guide to the difference, especially within the Vitamin E range.



  1. Oh very interesting products darling

  2. I've always been skeptical about the uses of day and night creams etc. but this post really cleared things up aha.

    Will have to check out the Vitamin E range. πŸ’– I have delicate skin but this looks like it works wonders!

    Stephanie xox

    1. I'm glad I'm of help haha! Oh I reckon this range would work well with your skin x

  3. To tell the truth, I've been using a vitamic C serum as a day and night moisturizer, but I will rethink my current skin care routine :) Thank you!

    Lots of love ♥ Janury Girl


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