Saturday 15 September 2018

Where Have I Been?πŸ’•

Firstly, hello. Secondly, welcome back. Yes, I know I promised a whole load of new exciting content over the summer, but as you’re all aware, that didn’t happen. Why? Life happens. Over the 4 and a half years I’ve been blogging, I’ve grown up and more important things have occurred, which means blogging has been put on the backbench, which when I think about it, it does break my heart a bit that I don’t have as much time for my passion. Anyways, here I am with an update as to where I’ve been and what I’m up to.

  1. College - I returned back to college three weeks ago now to return to photography, but at the next level. I may only be three weeks in, but we’ve had plenty of work issued already, and anyone who knows me know that I prioritise my education no matter what. If you aren’t already, then you can follow my photographic journey on Facebook and Instagram - just search “Jasmine Lawrie Photography” (yes, shameless self promo). However, the more I improve my photography and gain new skills, the better my photography will be for my blog, bringing it up a whole new level.
  2. Work - my least favourite four letter word. Over the summer, I did a lot of overtime because I wasn’t at college so my flexibility increased. Some weeks I spent more days in there than others, but still, it did take up a lot of time. Now I’m back to normality, I’m not working quite as much but it does take up my weekends, which were my ideal times for writing posts.
  3. Social life - when I started my blog, I was a whole load younger than I am now, and I didn’t have the same social life compared to now. I’m at an age where I’m enjoying going out with my friends whilst I can. As previously mentioned, I work at the weekend, so I have to try tie in plans with my friends too, some weekends it proves to be more difficult than others. 

At current, I’m at college Monday to Wednesday, Thursday is my dedicated “college work day”, work Friday and Saturday so Sunday is my only chill day. Sometimes on my free days, I lack the motivation to write any posts, and that’s totally normal - other bloggers have reassured me that it’s natural because they get some days where they feel like this too. Other times I have blog post ideas, but not got the photos to match up with it. Those who don’t blog don’t quite realise the amount of work that goes into it, and that’s why us bloggers may end up neglecting our blogs from time to time - not intentionally. 

I’m really hoping that my blog is producing some brilliant content throughout winter and Christmas, which means I’ll need to work on it loads. In saying that, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be content until then, of course I’ll try whenever I can, however if I don’t post, please be patient as I am only human.

To everyone still following me, thank you. I appreciate my loyal followers so much, as you are the reason my blog is where it is today. X


  1. I totally get you gal, college takes up a LOT of my time and just over a year ago I didn't have a job so I could blog on Saturdays but now I work on Saturdays it complicates things. Your content is just as good though and I think you don't have to post every week, consistently to still produce content that makes people smile. At the end of the day, you need to prioritise life over the internet and it is about finding that balance and not feeling bad about it :) x

    1. I am so glad that you are able to relate! Thankyou for your kind words of wisdom x


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