Monday 22 October 2018

Cheap and Cheerful Body Spraysđź’•

If you were to look in my bags, one thing you're guaranteed to find is a body spray. There's nothing quite like a midday top up. Even if you still smell fine, you can't beat smelling fresh. I've been through so many bottles of body sprays, from Charlie to So..?, Hollister and so on. My trustworthy Hollister spray (because realistically, I'm still living in 2013/14) is coming to an end, and in all honesty, the bottle does take up quite a lot of room in my bag (I pack unnecessary items). I popped into Superdrug the other month back to pick up a few pieces, and left with a new body spray.

Body Fantasies Body Spray in Pink Grapefruit was the one that caught my eye. Down at £1.98 a bottle, it would've been rude to not have bought one when I was needing one anyways. I was feeling brave - I picked this one based on the colour of the bottle and the name of it - I felt grapefruit was quite a safe bet. With them being so cheap, I was worried that they would smell cheap and tacky. But, it turns out I had made a good decision.

The beautiful, sweet yet fruity body spray somehow manages to grab everyone's attention - I spray it in college and people always end up asking me what body spray I have. Although it's sweet, it isn't sickly nor overpowering; it's refreshing. Considering it's only a body spray, the scent is quite strong, and the lasting powering is rather surprising too. Lasting power for me is something I prioritise when it comes to perfumes and body sprays, so this one gets a yes from me.

It's a 94ml bottle, and is easy enough to throw into your bag whilst on the go. I just love how refreshing it smells - grapefruit is one of those scents which smells refreshing anyways - so to have it as a body spray is ideal. I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I get when I wear and/or spray this! On the Superdrug website, it claims you have over 500 sprays in this bottle, which I could believe. When it sprays, rather than being direct, it disperses itself evenly, meaning the scent isn't concentrated in the one area.

The Body Fantasies range retails for £4.99 in Superdrug, with a vast range so everyone can find something to suit them. At current, they're on a special promotion of a 2 for £5, so grab two whilst you can!



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