Monday 8 October 2018

OOTD: Black and Yellow in Berlinđź’•

If you follow me on my Instagram and Twitter, then you'll be aware I was in Berlin over the weekend. We were rather fortunate with the weather, and one of the days I wore this adorable dress which I had bought from Primark several days before.

DRESS - Primark - £13
TOP - Primark - £4
BAG - Primark - Unsure of the price, thanks Teigan.
SHOES - Primark - £8

At current, I am loving wearing cute outfits, so I was really glad that the weather was good in Berlin because living in Scotland, it makes it difficult - I end up freezing to death. Also, Primark are doing really well at current, and by no means am I sponsored. 

Slowly but surely injecting some colour into my wardrobe..



  1. Love this outfit, it looks so cute!

    Mid Size Style

  2. Hope you had an amazing time in Berlin, lovely! You look super cute!!!
    xox Nadia


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