Monday 19 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide #1: For the Scent Loverđź’•*

Back in the days (around 2009-12), Charlie and Impulse were my go-to body sprays as I didn't use perfumes. I remember the excitement you would feel when you stood in front of the range, trying to narrow down which one to buy with your pocket money. Oh, those were the days. It seems that since then, Impulse has been through one of the biggest glow-ups ever, the packaging has completely changed for sure. I was rather excited when the PR got in touch asking if I wanted to feature the new impulse products in a blog post.

Helen Anderson Limited Edition Violet Palms + Neon Nights* || £6 - look how much more appealing the bottles are nowadays compared to the old, thin cans they used to be in - the packaging would definitely draw me in more! The Helen Anderson body spray was created by Impulse in collaboration with blogger and youtuber Helen herself, and has created a Summer-scented body spray - so even though Summer doesn't last all year round, the scent will. It almost reminds me of Parmaviolets as it has a similar scent to it, resembling the childhood sweets. It's quite sweet but not exactly sickly. The scent is infused with cactus flower, neon apples and rose - which is clear because it does have a subtle fruit tone throughout it.

Go Get Glitter Melted Candy Unicorn Dust Mist* || £6 - If you like young and exciting scents, then this is it. It's definitely a fun scent because it's so sweet. For some reason, it makes me think of hairspray because it has a very similar underlying tone - but don't fret, it's not like you're spraying hairspray on yourself at all! This time, it;s infused with fresh vanilla, which is perhaps what provides it with such a sweet scent. In my own opinion, I do prefer this one - I just think it's better, but everyone will differ.

With a lot of body sprays, I've found that their scents don't last long, but with these two, their lasting power is pretty strong, as I will get a whiff of the scent from time to time. Considering their beautiful, revamped packaging and desirable scents, I feel that these would be ideal as a Christmas gift, whether it be a stocking filling etc. If you know someone who loves their perfumes or beauty items, then they wouldn't be disappointed to open their Christmas present on the big day for sure!


*PR Samples


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