Monday 26 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide #2: The Blending Spongeđź’•*

I've been using the same makeup sponge for months now, and truth to be told, it's actually disgusting - no matter how many times I wash it, there's still traces of makeup on it that simple won't budge, and it's beginning to tear a bit too. Nanshy brushes are a brand which I have heard of for a while in the beauty and blogging industry. Their PR contacted me, and sent me out one of their fairly new makeup sponges.

Nanshy Drop of Finesse Makeup Blending Sponge* || £6.95 - Straight away, I was intrigued by the shape and form of the sponge as it is different to any other sponge I've used - typically, I tend to use the stereotypical egg-shaped sponge - so when I saw that not only is it a rounded-end, but also a flat tip and front. 

When I went to use it, I dampened it under running water, and to say the least, I was surprised by the amount it increased; it almost doubled in size! This, for sure made it easier when it came to applying makeup. I only use it for my foundation, concealer, and if I feel like it, cream contouring. Due to its precious shaping, it makes it easier for the application process. I use the round end for applying foundation on my cheeks and chin, the flat front for my nose and forehead, and the tip at the top for beneath my eyes.

I haven't tried using it dry because personally, I'm not a fan, as I feel it doesn't blend makeup well on my skin. When using it damp, my makeup looks flawless and airbrushed - it looks as though I have no makeup on, which of course, is a lie. I particularly like the peculiar shape of it, because it means you don't require numerous makeup sponges which are of a differing shape, you only need this one.

I really wish I had discovered this sponge sooner, because it's made doing my makeup a dream, it's a whole load easier. If you have a beauty guru in your life, then I highly, highly recommend treating them this Christmas to this Nanshy makeup sponge - trust me, you won't regret it!


*PR Samples


  1. I know the brand but I've never tried it, the shape looks interesting :) I would probably end up using it wet too, I'm not a fan of using dry sponges.


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