Monday 10 December 2018

Christmas Gift Guide #4: For a Pampered One💕*

Admit it - we all love a pamper session or some me-time every so often. Whether it's a night in pampering yourself with some beauty products, or spending time doing something you love, it's important to take some time out of your busy schedule to relax.

Pamper evenings are something I rarely do; I don't know why. Personally, I like to do them when I want to make myself feel a million dollars, but in all honesty, they most likely occur in the preparation for a night out. I like to go all out and use nice smelling products, including some goodies from Bilou*.

Bilou Shower Foam Pink Melon* || £3.99 - if I were to pick a beauty product that smells like Summer in a bottle/tin, I would have to choose this shower foam. It's sweet, fruity scent is infused with melons and raspberries, creating a recipe for a juicy yet delicious scent. Although the scent gets the approval from me, I was still a bit skeptical about the concept of the product - a foam. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, or more to the point, how it would work. I must admit, it really blew me over. With it being foam, I didn't expect it to lather up much, but I was ever so wrong - in fact, I think it actually lathered up better than some shower gels I have. One thing I noticed also is how well the scent stays on your skin. A lot of the times, you don't notice the scent after you rise the shower gel off, however I feel my skin absorbs this one and leaves me smelling of sweet fruits and Summer.

Bilou Cream Foam Cotton Candy* - Unfortunately, I can't find this product online which is a real shame, however I have found the shower foam version (here) and another cream foam of a different scent (here). As the scent is cotton candy, I was a bit unsure to whether or not it would be too sweet and overpowering, but with it's beautiful blends of cotton candy, sweet and caramel, it's a delight to own, even for those, like myself, who aren't often a fan of such scents. I've used various body lotions, creams and butters, all of which have completely different formulas, but never a foam, and I must say, it's probably one of my favourites - it doesn't leave you feeling greasy because your skin absorbs it so quickly, and the scent lasts for hours too, and in my books, those are winning qualities.

One of the main selling points of these products for a lot of people is that they are vegan friendly, so they are cruelty free! And at such a low price for the quality, I highly recommend them - I can't get enough of them! I know for a fact that they would make perfect stocking fillers this Christmas.


*PR Samples


  1. Got to love a pamper night! Bilou are fab and the products smell so good, they're so summery xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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