Monday 7 January 2019

Self Acceptance πŸ’•

Makeup, isn't it wonderful? How we can express ourselves through such an art. Colourful lips, abstract eye makeup, its great, right? But, is it a disguise of our true, natural self, or an expression?

Some keep it simple, some prefer extreme, and both are totally cool. But does it portray who we are? Covering our flaws, altering our looks? On a daily basis, I keep it natural and plain - concealer (or sometimes foundation), powder, eyebrows, mascara and sometimes bronzer and highlighter. For nights out, I try a bit more, by adding eyeshadow and eyeliner. Does it change how I look? Yes. And every person is the same, and some people become unrecognisable.

Above is a fairly simple makeup look, nothing too dramatic.

Above is before a night out. As you can see, I have a bit more eye makeup than the previous.

Above is a no makeup look. 

Compare all three images. You can still tell it's me, but yes I can alter my appearance to an extent. I do have dark bags beneath my eyes, which are hidden with concealer. I do have some breakout on my chin, which is hidden with foundation. I do have lighter eyebrows, which are darkened with brow pomade. Am I hiding true identity with makeup?

Personally, I will leave the house without makeup on, no problem. I do know some people who won't, and that's down to personal choice and self confidence. I am a bit cautious of my chin at the moment because it's so red and noticeable, but I'm working on it. But, it's becoming part of who I am, and I should embrace it. Over time, it may begin to clear up, who knows.

Self appearance aside, another thing to point out is that I'm quite tall, and my arms are long. In group photos, I'm always the tallest friend, towering my friends. I look long and lanky, but again, this is something I should be proud of. Not everyone is the same height as me, making this my own unique quirk.

Comparison is a killer, but you may be blessed with a quirk that someone else doesn't have. Just because you don't quite have the desired nose you wished for doesn't mean you can't love yourself, or because your hips are curvier than your friends' doesn't mean you can't wear that outfit you've been lusting over. Rock it, own it. Make a list of all your strengths, because trust me, they will outweigh the weaknesses. And those weaknesses? Learn to love them. It's easier said than done, but admire them on a daily basis, and you will notice the difference. If it means sitting in front of a mirror and just learning to love this flaw, then do it!

Let 2019 be the year of you; the year you discover who you are, and love yourself. It has taken me YEARS to do so, because sometimes people treat you like rubbish and shatter your self esteem, but I'm back bitches xo

P.S: Don't feel the need to hide behind the makeup because you're amazing already xx


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