Monday 20 May 2019

How About Some Day-Tox?💕*

Face masks really help in life. Minor inconvenience? Face mask. Stressed? Face mask. Skin breaking out? Face mask. I do love a good face mask, and although I don't do them overly regularly because I simply forget to, but whenever I do remember about them, my skin is always eternally grateful. So, you could imagine when a PR email arrived in my inbox asking if I'd be interested in trying out some face masks.. eh, yes please?!

Daytox Peel-Off Mask || RRP £20.00, on sale at £13.33 - Peel off masks I love, but very rarely use. No idea why. So, I was intrigued to this one. The description describes it as being a deep cleansing face mask, which helps absorb any extra sebum, reduces impurities and helps to try prevent blackheads from arising. The only peel off's I've ever used are individual packet ones, never in a tube, so I wasn't entirely sure how much to use in one use. When I went to use it, I read the tube and realised it's a charcoal face mask - which I've heard mixed reviews on. It applied evenly, and I didn't find it to take too long to dry. However, removing it was a different story. It was near impossible to peel - it kept flaking off in tiny pieces, which meant I was trying to peel it off for ages. I swear it took less time to dry than it did to peel. In the end, I gave up and just washed it off. Thankfully, it came off with ease doing this. This is probably the only fault I've came across with this face mask, because it left me with smooth and refreshed skin - it looked as though I'd just had a facial. I left it on until dry, which was around 20-30 minutes. Apart from being an issue removing, I throughly enjoyed using it, and I'm sure my skin also benefitted from it too.

Daytox Clay Mask || RRP £20, on sale at £18 - Clay masks I tend to use because I love how clean my skin feels post-use. The tube describes the mask as being a deep cleansing treatment which helps neutralise stressed skin and removes any impurities whilst smoothing the skin, and leaves you with a radiant complexion. I found the mask to have quick a thick and creamy texture, one which didn't apply overly thick nor take long to dry. It doesn't dry right solid, like I expected with it being a clay mask. It washes off as soon as the water hits it, and I love how it leaves my skin - it's super soft and also feels really clean too, which in my books is a winner. I didn't need to leave it on too long, it'd say maybe 20 minutes max. This one is definitely a hit in my books.

Generally speaking, I do love both these face masks. Over the trial period, I've noticed myself using face masks more regularly, and it has been beneficial as my skin has worked well with both the face masks. Although they're on the more expensive side, they're absolutely worth it as I adore them!

Go on, treat yourself.


*PR Samples


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