Tuesday 28 May 2019

YSL Black Opium Floral Shock💕

You cannot go into Boots and not spray at least one perfume - with their wide selection, it would be rude not to. One perfume I have lusted over for as long as I can remember is YSL Black Opium, and for Christmas, I received the Floral Shock edition. Although I hadn't smelt it, I already had high expectations.

The bottle is near enough identical to the original; the only difference being that there's some pink glitter at the bottom of this version, which I believe works well because it's almost linking the name of the perfume to the bottle itself (pink, floral, you get me?). In my opinion, the bottle is quite light too - nothing worse than heavy, bulky bottles as this makes it impossible for packing if you're taking them away. In terms of aesthetics, I think the overall design is beautiful and rather pleasant on the eye, and it looks amazing sitting on display.

Let's talk scent.

The main notes include black coffee, citrus and white musk - a bizarre yet brilliant combination that works well. It's one that I wish you could smell whilst reading this post so you could understand it's beauty. I would describe it as being a sweet, floral and powering scent, one which is sure to make a statement as its so bold. It's meant to provide you with an "irresistible shock of sensuality" - a dominant, sexy scent. Personally, I'd say it's more of an evening scent than a day-time wear, but of course I wouldn't object to wearing it at any time of the day. in terms of lasting power, this ain't budging. It's such a strong, long-lasting scent which you certainly don't need to top up on. I wore it on Christmas Day, and when I woke up on Boxing Day, I could smell it on my bedsheets and duvet it's that strong!

I love it. It may be pricey but I am truly thankful for such a beautiful gift because I'm clearly obsessed with it. I received the 90ml version and I know it'll go a long way, but its also available in a 30ml and 50ml bottle too.

G'on, treat yourself!



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