Monday 3 June 2019

My New Die Hard Foundationđź’•

When I buy foundation, it lasts me a life time. Mainly because I don't wear it often, so I very rarely need to replace it. However, when I do, I just buy a relatively inexpensive one because I know I'll not need it often - typically I only wear foundation on nights out, or special occasions. However, for my birthday, I figured I would buy a new one as I fancied trying out new makeup, as well as replace a few of the necessities. I own a vast number of products from MUA Cosmetics - I love their low price tags and high quality products - and when I went to their makeup stand in Superdrug, they had 1/3 off deal, meaning their items were virtually costing me next to nothing, so did some stocking up.

MUA Pro base Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation || RRP £5 - Let me introduce you to my new favourite foundation. As I've mentioned umpteen times on this blog, I have fairly oily skin, especially on my t-zone, and when I wear makeup, the oil tends to shine through or fade quickly. Therefore, I find myself buying products which are advertised as being "matte". Additionally, I always need to find a foundation pale enough for my skin - sometimes the palest shade isn't quite pale enough. Retailing at £5, but reduced to £3.33, I was instantly drawn towards this foundation, for the reasons mentioned above. And I can tell you something - I don't regret buying it. In fact, I can't stop raving about it! In the end, I opted for shade 120, and I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the vast variety of shades available, especially for a budget foundation!

Rather than having a pump, like most foundations, it comes with a "spoon" style applicator, which is more ideal for both application as you have more control, as well as when you're running low as you won't be wasting the remaining product. Furthermore, it comes in a glass bottle, which gives it a fancier finish and perhaps sturdier too if you need to travel.

When applying, I either apply some directly onto an area of my face, or makeup sponge, then blend with a damp sponge. I find it blends really well with a sponge, and to ensure my finish is truly flawless, I tend to buff my skin with a foundation brush too. In terms of coverage, it took me by surprise. I expended it to be quite low, however I'd say it's more of a medium coverage, with potential to go right up to full coverage if you build upon layering. Speaking of layering, sometimes I apply a bit more on my t-zone area as this is my most problematic area, but I've never experienced any sort of caking, the coverage still looks airbrushed and smooth. Although it has a good coverage and is matte, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin; definitely more on the lightweight side of things.

Considering it's only £5, I have to say, it's my absolute, hands-down, favourite foundation. I just feel that regardless of the occasion, it's a versatile foundation and never does me dirty, unlike some. I've worn it when I've had photos taken with flash and never experienced any sort of flash-back. Also, it doesn't oxidise and go orange-toned throughout the day or night either. It also lasts well on my skin. I prime, apply this, set with powder and spray with setting spray, and I'm good to go for hours! Somehow, it just doesn't want to budge much; I don't experience the patchiness like some foundations and it keeps the oils at bay for that bit longer too.  

Just incase I haven't won you over enough yet, it's also vegan friendly, talc and paraben free, and formulated with vitamin e too!



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