Monday 13 January 2020

The Verdict: Primark's £2 Nails💕

I am NOT a nail person at all. Back in 2012/13, I used to love doing nail art, but since then, I very rarely even bother painting them. I've never have acrylic or gel nails or anything, but for NYE, my dress was a literal princess dress - pink and glittery - so I wanted to get matching nails. Knowing absolutely nothing about nails and not wanting to pay a fortune, I ended up in Primark. I was completely unaware at how many different styles existed; metallic, matte, square, rounded. The list goes on. In the end, I picked up their "Precious Jewel Nails", purely because they were girly, I liked them and thought that they'd be a perfect match for my dress.

In the pack, there are a total of 4 different designs of nails (seems I was a dafty and forgot to show the 4th design in the picture!). It came with a varying range of sizes too, meaning there will be a design of your choice to fit each finger too. Being the organised individual that I am, I settled on a certain set and decided to start gluing them down. The glue I used was just a Primark one - at 60p per pack (containing 2 bottles of glue), I wasn't sure how well it'd go.

The applying process was actually a lot easier than I expected. For my first time applying nails, I did a not bad job, in my opinion. One or two were maybe squint or over the cuticle, but I could deal with it. I decided to apply glue to both the back of the nail and my actual nail, just to make it easier to glue down. I applied them the night before NYE, purely because I wanted to make sure the glue had plenty of time to dry etc. I did struggle to work with them at first, even for simple things such as typing. They were long, but not ridiculously too long in my opinion. They looked rather elegant and helped elongate my hand too.

Ignoring how dry my hands are and the fact my tan is hella dodgy (I just can't tan them and they just don't take tan either?!), look how pretty they are on! I just kept looking at them, admiring them.

Now, the real question. How well do they last? So, I left on NYE with all 10 on, by the time I got to my friend's house, one of them came flying off as I shut the car door. Leaving the house with only 9, I then came home with 6 in total - 3 managed to snap off whilst I was out. Perhaps this isn't a fault with the nails - if I used different nail glue, maybe it would've been a different story. But, they looked pretty, I managed to get some nice pictures of them and they didn't break the bank. So, for future, I will definitely be buying more Primark nails, but just buying an alternative glue.

In terms of removing, I had to take them off on NYD because I was working the next day and wouldn't be able to operate the screens with my nails, so took them off. I cut them down - or what was left of them! - filed them and they simply peeled off as easy as anything.

All cons aside, they were nice nails! If you're looking for some pretty designs that won't break the bank, get yourself to Primark.



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