Wednesday 29 January 2020

Skincare Routine 2020πŸ’•*

It's been a while since I last did an in-depth, updated skincare routine! My products of use have changed slightly, with some newbies and some oldies. I used to be right into my skincare, then I started slacking, and now that it's 2020, I want to have that glowing skin back, so I've forced myself to get back into my old ways and love my skin again.

Beauty Formulas Cucumber Scrub || 99p - One of my many finds in Savers: never underestimate the place, I find some right bargains! In terms of a facial scrub, I don't use them on the daily; I just use some soap to wash my face, but a face scrub 2-3 times a week.  Some facial scrubs I find can be quite harsh on the skin - they feel extremely gritty and sore - but this one is the opposite. It's gentle on the skin, yet feels effective at the same time. As it's cucumber, it's very soothing and beneficial on the skin. It lathers up surprisingly well for a facial scrub, and I love how smooth and radiant it leaves my skin. Definitely recommend it - so go have a nosy in your local Savers! I hadn't ever heard of the brand "Beauty Formulas" but I certainly want to try more of their products.

Garnier Natural Rose Cleansing Milk || £2.49 - I absolutely love a good cleanser, especially if it's a milk based one. The Garnier one I have used before, in conjunction with the rose toner, and I loved it, so when I decided to get a new cleanser, I immediately opted for this one. The scent is beautiful - floral, as the name would suggest - but the cleanser is designed for sensitive skin so it wouldn't irritate it too much, especially as it's not overpowering and is rather delicate. It has quite a thin formula, so I find that only a small amount, about the size of a 10p coin, is all that's require. I use it alongside my PMD.

PMD Clean* || £89 - I've never used a facial brush, so I was extremely excited to try this one by PMD! I've read a lot about PMD, so was intrigued to see if they're worth investing in. It has a total of 4 vibration modes, and which one you select depends upon the thorough cleanse you wish for. I tend to choose either option 1 or 2 as I feel it works best with my skin. I won't lie - the first time I used it, I felt dizzy. It was the weirdest sensation ever across my forehead, but after that, I never noticed this apparent dizziness. I apply the cleansing milk after washing my face, then use option 1 or 2 to help "work" the milk into my skin, then rinse it off using warm water, and oh my - I can't express how fresh, glowing and healthy my skin looks, plus it feels super soft and all round amazing! It's waterproof and suitable for all skin types, so I can't recommend it enough. If you feel you have a problematic area, PMD recommend spending up to a minute using the brush purely on this one area as it helps improve the issue. Recommend for people of all ages with all skin concerns as it's not too harsh whilst using.

Boots Fragrance Free Facial Toner || £1.50 - I feel a toner is an essential product for finishing off a skincare routine as you really feel the benefits of it as soon as you use it - it helps to remove any final traces of dirt, oils and impurities, close the pores as well as tighten them. For me, it leaves my skin feeling super fresh and cleansed. Use it before moisturising to prepare your skin for the final product. I've tried a fair few toners, but always end up repurchasing this one because I find that it works the best, and the price is purse-friendly too. It's fragrance free, meaning it'll work for all skin types. I've never had any problems with this toner, and it's one my skin likes (ie doesn't break me out, cause redness etc) therefore will keep repurchasing. Boots also do a cucumber version of their skincare range too if you're looking for something different!

Boots Fragrance Free Moisturising Cream || £1.50 - I used to believe the myth that if you have oily skin, you shouldn't moisturise.. if I could tell my younger self, it'd be to ignore that! I now love moisturising my skin. I like to use one that has a fairly thick consistency, which is why I opt for this Boots one. Although it's kind of on the thick side, it feels very lightweight and non-greasy on the skin: my skin soaks it up fairly quickly. It's enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants, so it's also friendly on your skin. I like how hydrated it leaves my skin, and helps lock in all the goodness from the previous steps. As it's fragrance free, I think it'd work really well on all skin types, especially dry skin due to it's thick formula. I love slapping this on both morning and night as I don't need to wait around for a while waiting on it drying.

I'm really glad to have got back into the swing of things in terms of skincare. I have noticed that my skin looks healthier, and I haven't had many, if any, break outs this month. Additionally, I have started drinking more water and green tea, and eating more fruit too, so perhaps combining this with a skincare routine has worked wonders.


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  1. Hi Jasmin, you mentioned products I haven't heard before. I enjoyed reading this postπŸ’™



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