Monday 11 August 2014

Jessup Make-up Brushes Review♥

I had been in need of a new make-up brush set for a while now, in fact too long, none of my brushes were even a set! I had heard about the Jessup brushes for a wee while now, they were really raved about. So, I decided I'd buy them and give them a shot, as I got them on eBay for just about £12. I'd read that they were the dupe for the Sigma brushes, except a whole load cheaper.
I purchase the package with the eye brushes and face brushes, as I needed both. I was really happy when they came, as they were extremely soft. They took about 2 weeks to come, as they were shipped from China.

I thought the black and gold brushes were the nicest, they were my favourite. It comes with a concealer brush, a blush brush, brush for bronzer (not so much contouring but you could always try!) stippling brush for foundation and a powder brush. Personally, my favourite is the powder brush, as it's very soft and applies the product evenly which is good.

Again, since it was the same set, the eye brushes are also black and gold. There's a crease brush, fluffy angled brush, all over lid brush, and two blending brushes (Well that's what I'd use them for anyway.) I really like the crease brush, it blends it in really well.

Every brush picks up a lot of product, which I'd say is good. I don't wear blush or bronzer, but I have tried the brushes and they work well. I haven't yet tried the stippling brush as I don't tend to wear foundation, but will do when it's a special event. The concealer brush works perfectly, blends my concealer in brilliantly. Of course, the powder brush is my favourite as I wear powder on a daily basis therefore have used it the most.

The crease brush is my favourite as I like using it I guess? The all over lid brush works well as it distributes the eyeshadow great. I've used the fluffy angled brush to highlight and it works pretty good. The blending brushes work amazingly, and blends excellently.

I hope I've at least gave you plenty of information on each of the brushes. Obviously you can research more information, or ask me in the comments. I bought the brushes with my own money and gave my honest opinion, and I am really glad I purchased them.

To view the brushes and maybe buy them, click here


  1. Great review. I have seen this on aliexpress too I think. They seem great :)

  2. Love your review and they seem an exact dupe of sigma brushes :D need to try them now :D

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think they are! So soft :) You should get them!


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