Monday 18 August 2014

The Body Shop - My Collection&Review♥

If you haven't smelt any of The Body Shop items, where have you been?! I adore them!
The reason why I decided to do a collection on my items, is because I did one for my Soap and Glory one here, and you seemed to enjoy it, so I figured I'd do another collection with a small review with it.

Body Washes

I have four in total, with two currently finished, but figured I'd keep them to show in this post. I have a mini and large of "Cranberry Joy" body wash. I felt that the consistency in the small bottle was slightly too runny for some odd reason? But the larger bottle was absolutely fine! Love the scent, it's so Christmassy and just smells so good. The "Gingerbread Man", I haven't yet used, as I dislike the scent very much so. My favourite though is the "Indian Night Jasmine" as it has the same name as me. Haha no, jokes, it just smells amazing, completely different to everything else!

Body Butters

These two actually match the mini body washes above, so have the same scent, therefore won't need to go into too much depth as I have already above. All I will say for now is that they're both really thick (which I like!) and moisturise your skin very well.

Body Mists

only own this one body mist, and I would like more if I'm honest! The scent is "Indian Night Jasmine" as I got it in a gift set from Jennifer (You have good taste in scent Jennifer ;)!) so it matches the body wash. I hate when you have a body spray and it doesn't spray out evenly, which this is the opposite of and sprays evenly!

Lip Butter

Completely different to the last few, but this is one of their lip butters from the "Chocomania" collection. In my opinion, it doesn't smell like chocolate! Though, it does still smell good, and leaves my lips soft, non greasy too. I really do love this!

I really do hope you'll nip into The Body Shop, or hop along onto their website and have a nosy around as everything smells amazing, and works amazing too. Any further information wanted about any of the mentioned products, feel free to ask in the comments below.


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