Monday 25 August 2014

My Make-up Collection - Face Make-up Edition♥

I know that I like reading blogs or watching YouTube videos of people's make-up collection, so I decided I would do a blog post on my collection. But, I thought it might be too long in one post, therefore I'm splitting it up. Anyway, this is my face make-up, with next week either being lips/eyes and either eyes/lips the following week (depending on what I do next week of course!)

I've bought most of the make-up in my collection. Some I've been given as a gift for Christmas/birthday etc. For my face make-up, I've bought it all, with my own money.

First things first, if you're going to wear full-face makeup (which I'll admit, I rarely wear a full face!), you'll start with foundation for coverage. I have the No.7 "Essentially Natural" foundation, in "Cool Vanilla". I'd say this is more of a BB cream, as it doesn't give much coverage in one layer, but is buildable. You can purchase this for £9.95 here.

I had been in such need for a new concealer and decided I'd give this a bash, it's the Maybelline "Fit Me!" concealer. Oh my god. I love this! It's so creamy, smooth and gives really good coverage for a concealer. I use this everyday, on any blemishes as well as my under eye circles and it's amazing. I got this in shade "20". I really recommend this for everyone, if you're in need of a concealer, grab this! You can purchase this for £5.99 here.

Finally, to finish my face make-up, I set it all with a pressed powder. I've had various different ones in the past, but this is probably my favourite. It's the Maybelline powder, also from their "Fit Me!" range. Mine is in the shade 220. This sets my make-up so well. It also hides any oil my face has, making it matte. It also comes with a compact mirror and sponge, but I just use my Jessup powder brush. Works wonders! You can purchase this for £5.99 here.

That's a quick wee look into my make-up collection. I don't have many face products, that's why it's the first post. Questions about any of the above? Leave them in the comments! Next upcoming two weeks will be linked to this, as I'll write about my eye make-up or lip make-up.


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