Thursday 15 June 2017

Maybelline Big Shot Mascara♥*

Mascara is a wonderful thing. Honestly. Pop it on and it enhances your eyes immediately. Maybelline mascaras are one of my favourites from the drugstore, mainly because they're so inexpensive yet work amazingly. Recently, Maybelline sent me out one of their new mascaras, their Colossal Big Shot Mascara*, and to sum it up, it's quite frankly fantastic.

I was instantly drawn towards the mascara simply because of it's gold packaging, just like a magpie. The only criticism I have against the packaging is the fact that it gets dirty so easily because of it's colour, and you can see fingerprints on it but I guess you can look beyond this eh! As it's a shiny gold tube, I find that it's really eye catching and is sure to captivate your attention whilst shopping.

The wand is full of bristles that are all different lengths, and this ensures that each and every individual lash is coated with mascara. Due to each bristle varying in size and length, this means that lashes appear to be voluminous as every last lash is included. Personally, I feel that this mascara is more of a voluminous mascara as opposed to a lengthening mascara, however, I have pretty long lashes naturally so for me, it just emphasises my natural lashes. An added bonus is that it gives a curl to your lashes without the need of an eyelash curler, and for me, this just tops off the mascara!

I had taken this mascara on holiday with me and it's only fair to say that after over a weeks worth of use, I fell in love. It's right up my alley. Whilst away, I only wore makeup in the evenings (forget makeup during the day whilst round the pool by the way, far too hot!) but it was still quite humid (around 24 degrees celcius) and I can assure you that not once did it smudge on my eyelid or below my eyes - can you really beat that?

For the price tag (£7.99), I highly, highly recommend this mascara! Of all the reviews I've read about this mascara, it's been nothing but praise for it. Whether you have naturally long, or short eye lashes, this mascara most certainly will provide your lashes with heaps of volume!

Have you tried this mascara?

*PR Samples


  1. It sounds like a great mascara! I'll see if they have it in my local drugstore!

  2. Sounds wonderful - I'm a complete sucker for maybelline mascaras so I've got to have it! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Maybelline mascaras are one of my favourite drugstore mascaras! x

  3. I really like the look of this wand! This mascara sounds amazing.. Maybelline do some of the best mascaras!


  4. This hasn't launched in New Zealand yet, I'd love to try it! The original Colossal Volume mascara is my favourite drugstore mascara xx


    1. Ah hope it launches soon then! I've never tried the original believe it or not, but I think that if you love it then you'll love this one! x


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