Monday 12 June 2017

Travel Diaries || Benidorm 2017♥

If you thought that I was a little absent from social media, then you're thinking correctly - I was away on holidays to Benidorm with my family for 9 nights (and it was amazing). Unfortunately this year there will be no lookbook (feel as though I'm breaking traditions) but I have something a bit different and quite exciting for you all, a travel diary of my break away.

I actually have been to Benidorm previously so it was absolutely fantastic to visit the place again - I seriously love it and revisiting it just felt so natural and homely. One place I just adore is the beach, it's well and truly beautiful. The sea is clear blue, as is the sky, and the promenade is miles long, connecting the old town Benidorm with the new town. Rarely did I go down to the beach because the sand is roasting hot and messy, but I enjoy walking along it, admiring it's beauty.

Each time we go to Benidorm, we always stay in the new town. This year we decided to hop into a taxi to go to the old town (it was less than 9 euros!) We chose to go on a Sunday, and we soon realised that many shops close on a Sunday, which meant less time for shopping, more time for walking around! I had to take some snaps of course - look how pretty it looks!

We went self-catering, so twice whilst away we took a walk down the town to a lovely restaurant called "Italian Garden". There were so many delicious meals to choose from, of which was quite a hard decision when all you want to do is try out everything! The service was exceptionally quick and the food was outstanding - has to be one of the best meals I ate the whole week!

I had pasta bolognase the first time - how colourful and appetizing does it look? The portion sizes were not huge, and being on holiday, your stomach does shrink so I even struggled to finish it, but it was extremely enjoyable!

The second time I had this dish - it was basically pasta in a creamy cheese sauce mixed with chicken, broccoli and mushrooms. Combining all of these ingredients created an exciting dish which was full of flavour and tasted fantastic!

I never managed to take a photo of this next dish but we went along to a Chinese which was only about 5 minutes away from us (it was called China Garden) and the food was divine, not to mention how lovely the staff were!

Where we stayed had numerous mountains in view, which looked gorgeous! I had to snap up a photo, especially because the sky looks beautiful in contrast to the mountains. Even simple scenery can create a fab photo.

I feel as though I have lots of other photos but don't want to bombard you with too many (or make you jealous hehe!) But honestly, if you haven't been to Benidorm, I highly recommend it - it's full of life and is dirt cheap! Not to mention how warm it is - I went late May/early June and I was swelting!

Where have you visited lately?


  1. It looks so pretty there! Looks like you had a wonderful and relaxing time - I've not been on holiday in aaaages but I'm going to Paris with my sister next month! Xx


    1. I adore it! Ooh always wanted to go to Paris/France in general! x

  2. It looks gorgeous! Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip.

  3. You know, some people give Benidorm such a bad reputation but I really feel like it's coming back into fashion lately. I'd love to visit here, the waters and food look lush :D

    Alice //

    1. Gosh yes you are so right! It's actually quite annoying to be fair cause it's honestly such an amazing place to visit! x

  4. It looks like you had a great holiday and that food looks so delicious xoxo



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