Thursday 8 June 2017

Newtons Lab Skincare♥*

Skincare has been of great importance to me lately. I have been taking more care of my skin by wearing no makeup, letting my skin breath, drinking more water and incorporating more products into my skincare routine. By doing this, I've seen a vast improvement in my skin - it appears clearer, brighter and feels much better. Into my new skin care routine, I've been using Newtons Lab T-Zone Skincare* range.

Cleansing Cream Wash* - I was in need of a new facial wash of some sort so when this arrived I was so glad! It smells of tea tree, and for me, I really like this because it agrees with my skin and always leaves it feeling refreshed. I remove the product with a wet face cloth and then splash my face with some water. My skin instantly appears smoother and also looks clean and healthy. I haven't experienced any breakouts using this so it's a winner for my skin.

Nose Pore Strips* - I quite like using these nose strips. They help to remove any gunk and dirt that's within your pores (ewww) and unblocks the pores again. After removing the strip, my nose feels so clean and smooth, and you can see the dirt on the strip (it's minging but ever so satisfying!) My only fault with this is that I wish it removed dirt from further within the pores. Overall, I like these strips, and they have a tea tree scent which is ideal for oily skin.

Charcoal Wipes* - I didn't know how I'd feel about these because wipes aren't something I use as they don't get on very well with my skin. I was intrigued as these were charcoal, yet smelt like tea tree. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan - it's nothing against the wipes, it's just because as I said, wipes and I don't get along. If you wear foundation and don't have overly sensitive skin then perhaps they'd be more ideal for you.

Spot Zapping Cream* - I feel I haven't been able to use this little tube to it's full potential. My skin has been really clear lately (touch wood) and I've not had that many breakouts, maybe the odd couple in my hairline so I've zapped (ha) some of this onto them. It helps to dry them out a bit in an attempt to clear them up. I do think that for it's inexpensive price tag that the product is pretty decent.

As a wide range of Newtons Lab skincare products are designed for oily skin, I really enjoy using it because it's a brand which specialises in specific skin types, one which caters for people like me who have oily skin. All in all, it's a great, bargain skin brand. I've seen a few of their products which have caught my eye and I would like to branch out into trying them next.

*PR Samples


  1. Sounds like a range well worth a try! Those charcoal wipes look so odd!xx

    Lucy |

  2. thank you for this amazing Review.
    the right skincare is so amazing.
    totally love it :D

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  3. I love pore strips, they're gross but interesting! I like the sound of the charcoal wipes, but I'm the same as you and just don't like wipes at all! Xx

    Tamz -

    1. Haha yes, although it's disgusting it's fun at the same time! x


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