Thursday 3 August 2017

Uriage Eau Thermal Range♥*

In these so called Summer months, I personally like to have a lighter skincare routine because my skin isn't as dry or lack as much hydration as it does in the Winter months. As you know, I've been paying more attention to my skin lately and testing out new products to see what works best for my skin type (you should see the length of the "wish to try" list!) When Uriage contacted me about their eau thermal range, I was eager to try the products out. I initially knew that their main ingredient was water, and with it being Summer, what better a time than now to try the range? Of course my enthusiastic self couldn't say no as it was a new brand to myself, and I wanted to share such interesting products with you all.

The water used actually originates from the French Alps and is enriched with all the good stuff, including mineral salts. Due to the products being water based, it means that your skin will soak up the products much faster, and leave you with hydrated skin - all as a result of osmosis and science, pretty cool if you ask me.

Rich Water Cream* - The name of this product certainly isn't wrong - it is quite a rich moisturiser! Although it's a bit thicker than I initially thought, it doesn't feel heavy or greasy, and doesn't leave any residue on my face - in fact, my skin absorbs this moisturiser pretty quick. It claims to moisturise, nourish and brighten your skin, which I believe it achieves - it definitely hydrates my skin and it's left looking bright and glowy too. Personally, I use this moisturiser in the morning because I like to use a thicker formula to hydrate my skin for the day, but also eradicate any small dry patches to prevent them from becoming worse throughout the day. It is recommended for all skin types, but especially dry skin - I have oily skin as you will know but I have had no problems using this at all! It has quite a typical moisturiser scent, it's on the fruity side and I actually like it, and I have discovered that I don't need to use a lot of product either.

Thermal Water Serum* - Hmm, a serum. A product that I hadn't really tried before now and am still trying to get my head around if I'm honest. You can 100% tell that it's a water based product as not only is it quite thin (which I do not object) but it feels hydrating too, almost as if I were to mix water in with my moisturiser. It's supposed to again moisturise, regenerate and brighten the skin, all of which is does. My skin near enough drinks this serum like there's no tomorrow and my skin appears bright and healthy.  It leaves my skin feeling super soft, and doesn't feel greasy - it almost feels as though I hadn't even applied anything it absorbs it that quick! It's for dehydrated skin, and whilst I do not have this problem at all (in fact, I'd class my skin as over-hydrated due to being so oily, ew) I could imagine this would be a miracle to those who suffer from this skin problem. It is advised that you apply a cream/moisturiser afterwards, and I quite enjoying using this combination as it delivers hydration to my skin overnight, ready for the next day!

Thermal Water* - I was most intrigued to this product because it's something I don't really own. You may just be thinking "it's only water in a tin" but trust me, it's more than just that. See on a (rare) warm Summers day, this truly is a miracle in a tin. If you're on the warm side (or are absolutely sweating!) this stuff is a lifesaver for cooling you down. A quick spray and you're good to go. My skin instantly absorbs it, helping me to cool my body temperature down and regulate it again. I have used this on days where I have mascara on and it doesn't leave me with panda eyes as it doesn't smudge under my eyes or onto my eyelid. It sounds so simple really but the concept of it is beyond amazing. I could rave about this product for days, seriously. It's worth looking into for sure.

I have really been impressed by this Uriage range; it's just so ideal for Summer time due to being water based. Although I hadn't heard much about the range or brand previously, I do recommend them to you if you're looking for some new skincare products to test out!

Have you ever tried this range?

*PR Samples


  1. This range sounds so good for the summer and winter! x

  2. I love using Thermal Water! Actually I need to try this one, I only use the Avene one!

  3. The products sound really good, I'll definitely need to give them a try x

    She's Looking at the Stars

  4. This product sounds great, especially to hydrate the skin!

    Alice May Snell ♡

  5. No, I havent heard of this rangge but it sounds great!

    Lee |


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