Tuesday 20 March 2018

A Bottle Of Goldđź’•

If a perfume smells nice, then great. But if it has unique packaging, then I'm all about that life. I absolutely adore Calvin Klein perfumes; it's a brand whom I'm always either buying perfumes from, or receiving them as gifts. At Christmas, I received CK One Gold as a gift. I hadn't ever smelt it before, nor did I know that it even existed. But, before I begin talking about the scent, can we admire it's beauty?

CK One Gold is a limited edition unisex fragrance, created by the world famous Calvin Klein. It's a light, sweet and juicy scent which just screams Spring and Summer at me because it's so fresh. It claims to be quite a bold scent, one which provides confidence and energy to people. From looking at it online, the main target audience seems to be the youth, or at least that's how I have interpreted it. I wouldn't necessarily say that it's a young person's scent; to me, I wouldn't say that it has one specific category. It's a beautiful, fruity scent which suits everyone. 

The aesthetics of this bottle are on point. I love how they have incorporated the gold onto the bottle, after all, it is the perfume's name. The dripping effect is really smart and I think it adds to the overall appearance of the bottle. It's shiny so when the light hits the bottle, it looks effective. It's one of those bottles you just need to have out on display because it's simply too beautiful to keep hidden away in a box. With that being said, when you compare the box to the bottle, they near enough have the same packaging/design.

I have the 100ml bottle, and although it's vast in terms of volume, the bottle design is rather sleek and quite thin too. On travelling to Portugal I brought this bottle with me, and it fitted perfectly into my wash bag no problem. It's a perfume which I wear on a daily basis because it's light enough to wear, but also versatile because you can wear it in the evenings too.



  1. The packaging is amazing! Lovely design :) Thanks for sharing! Definitely going to look out for this x

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. I love this perfume and the bottle. It smells amazing. xx

  3. OMG it looks gorgeous!! I have never tried Calvin Klein perfumes before, but after reading this I definitely would love to give them a go! xx


  4. Love the packaging! I really like Calvin Klein fragrances too, I think I might like this one too.


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