Monday 5 March 2018

My Latest Buy From Real Techniques💕

Well, technically I didn't need them, but then again, their sale price was an absolute steal. I was in Superdrug a while back where I saw the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection reduced to a super low price of £5.99. Of course, at first, I thought this was a misprint, but when the sales assistant reassured me it was the real price, I could not knock it back - it was a fraction of its usual price! Their duo fiber collection is a set which I have eyed up for ages, hoping it would go on sale (it is a lil pricey for 3 brushes I won't lie) so I was glad to finally purchase it. 

It contains three brushes: a contour brush, a face brush and an eye brush. The colour scheme follows the rest of their sets with the recognisable yellow, pink and purple, with the black bottom part too. As they are a duo fiber collection, the bristles are different from the usual brushes - these ones are less dense and are "flimsier" in a way, not to mention very fluffy and soft.

Duo Fiber Contour Brush - This brush is certainly one of those that has multiple uses - the obvious, contour, setting makeup beneath the eyes and perhaps even baking. When I bake, I do find I sometimes need to use a bit more powder than usual as the bristles aren't as dense but this isn't too much of a concern. It could be used for baking beneath the eyes, or along the jawline for definition. I like to use it for bronzing up my skin. After cream contouring, it's your best friend - apply bronzer on top of where you have contoured and the definition is unreal, not to mention that it will set your contour in place!

 Duo Fiber Face Brush - As much as I love using this brush for powdering my face - it's great because it's quite a large head so covers vast areas at once - I've also discovered another use for it; bronzing. It's the ideal shape for bronzing your temples and jawline, meaning bronzing is effortless. With the thinner bristles, it means that there will be no harsh lines or excess wasted product either, and a light but steady hand is all that is required. Sometimes when I wear foundation, I like a light dusting of powder, and this brush just fulfills my requirement - it's perfect!

Duo Fibre Eye Brush - I just love the RT eye brushes (read review here) so I thought that I'd love this brush just as much. Sadly, I didn't. By no means do I dislike the brush, it's just not my first choice. I feel that it's made more for applying shadow into a specific area of the eye as opposed to blending because a) the bristles are quite long and b) the bristles aren't as dense as my preferred eyeshadow brushes, they're finer. If I'm going for a more dramatic and bold eye look, I use this brush for applying shadow into the outer corner of my eye as it applies it to the desired area.

All in all, I do think that these brushes are pretty good. I've heard a mixed response but I'm leaning towards liking them. My favourite brush probably has to be the face brush purely because it's more multi-purpose than the others in my opinion, and just performs the best. Next, I'm after the sculpting set (the one with the fan brush, and they're pink!!)

Have you tried this set? What was your experience?


  1. Ohhh what a fantastic deal ! The RT brushes are some of my fave - will see if I can find this set !
    SaIra xxx

    1. Such a good deal that I couldn't knock it back aha! x

  2. Great selection of brushes.The colours are lovely and you got them at a brillant price. xx

  3. Ooh I love the real techniques brushes! My favourite one is their contour brush! xx

  4. I love the Real Techniques brushes - they're such good quality!

  5. You can't beat a Real Techniques brush! I love the contour brush, so good

    Emma | Reverie de Paris

    1. My favourite brushes! Yes I've got that one too and I like that you can use it for more than just contouring! x


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