Monday 26 March 2018

W7 Brow Parlourđź’•

Little did we know back in 2012 how significant brows would be to us in this present day. In all honesty, brows aren't the be all or end all for me. Sure, some days I'll work on them whilst other days I just leave them. Why? I genuinely have no clue, the only valid reason I have is because I have really stubborn, long eyebrow hairs that enjoy moving out of place too much for my liking that sometimes leaving them natural is the best option. Whilst on holidays, I was rummaging through a makeup shop, because that's what I do best. I came across this W7 Brow Parlour. I hadn't gave it too much thought; I was picking it up because I had actually forgotten to pack a brow product, and knew I could rely on W7.

I was delighted to see that it came packaged in a metal tin. Normally, it doesn't bother me but this time, I was glad as I knew the tin had to survive an airport visit and a flight home (all in hand luggage too!) but long story short, it made it home in perfect condition. The bright, pink packaging caught my eye, and it almost reminded me of an illustrated mirror with lighting around the edge of it - super cute and unique! The tin is slightly on the small size, but good things come in small packages.

Inside there's a mirror, which is small and compact but is all that you really require and it's handy for when you're on the go. It contains a brow wax, a highlight shade and two brow powders, as well as a tiny pair of tweezers which are ever so adorable (it should have contained a brush but mine never came with one which was a slight inconvenience whilst away as I had to try and fill my brows in with an eyeshadow brush, not cool). Brow wax kind of gives me the fear, it's such an odd concept, but I just get on with it and brush some through my brows to try and keep them in place (absolute challenge). The highlight shade I'm not a massive fan of because it does lack pigmentation and is a tad chalky too. This kit is definitely designed for someone with darker hair because the two brow powders are quite dark. The first shade is ideal for the inner part of my brow, whereas the darker shade is perfect for the tail of my brow.

For the price (I paid about 3€, retails for around £5), it's a bargain in itself. The brow powders are easy to work with; the brow wax is ok and the highlight shade is a bit naff. Apart from that, it's not too bad. Whether you're a beginner or wanting to experiment more, why not try this out?



  1. Sounds well worth a try for the price!xx

    Lucy |

  2. wow, really worth the price, thanks for the review:)

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