Monday 18 June 2018

Amsterdam Fashionđź’•

Typically, I'm not into fashion. Sure, I own quite a lot of clothes, but I'm quite plain when it comes to style. I'm a comfort over fashion sort of gal. After seeing the outfits that the girls were going wearing whilst in Amsterdam, I decided it was time to up my game, and actually pure together some "cute" outfits - in other words, outfits with some thought and consideration.

Outfit One
I was wanting something casual yet comfortable (as usual) for flying out. I definitely don't give my tartan trousers the credit that they deserve, so I opted for them (pic below gives a better idea of them!) Because they are so striking, I had to pair it with a plain top. I found this black, knotted front tee in Primark for a bargain of £4, and it's great because it just goes with everything - let me know if they have a white one because I'd love one! It is a bit out my comfort zone as it is cropped and I don't tend to like wearing cropped clothing items. Although it was a city break as opposed to a girls summer holiday in a beach resort, I still brought my sunglasses because the weather was meant to be scorching (and it was!), so I wore my New Look sunglasses on my head, purely so I wouldn't forget them!

Aren't these trousers just lush? I adore them, and they were only £13 from Primark. They're incredibly soft, and not to mention comfortable too. I paired my outfit with my new favourite shoes - Primark's replica of vans. They're pretty similar to the authentic ones, but cost a fraction of the price tag - I got them for a steal at £6! They literally go with everything, and I didn't have any trouble breaking into them whatsoever; they genuinely fit my feet like a pair of gloves.

Outfit Two
Us Scots really take advantage of a bit of sun - if it's above 14 degrees and the suns out, then it's what we call "taps aff" weather, which basically translates to "it's bloody roasting let's find the summer clothes, and the guys walk about topless". So, I totally made the most of the warm weather whilst in Dam. I had previously ordered some new skirts off of Forever 21 as I'm always wearing trousers and wanted to switch it up a little bit. I am in love with this adorable blue denim skirt. It's such a soft denim material, which reminds me of cotton in a way. The buttons up the front really complete the skirt in my opinion. As for the top, it's one which my mum stumbled upon in the New Look sale for me. The sleeves are super pretty and the material is so light which meant I wasn't melting half as badly as it's quite flowy. 

Again, I wore my Primark shoes, and sunglasses, but this time I had an extra two accessories - I had borrowed a small bag from my sister to carry my essentials in, and of course, my camera - is it really me if I don't have my camera?

In the evenings, I wore my navy harrington jacket, which I got from eBay. I did bring my khaki denim jacket, but the harrington one just went better with my outfits, and it had a pocket in the inside for my phone too! 



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