Monday 25 June 2018

MUA - An Overlooked Brand?💕

There's no denying that I love bargain makeup. Highend brands don't really appeal to me because I know that I can buy products that work the exact same way as drugstore makeup. One brand I have loved for years, and one which really got me into makeup, is MUA. It's a brand that I always fall back on every so often. For my base, I'm not too fussy - a concealer and powder, and I'm good to go.

MUA Hide and Concealer Stick in Ivory || £1 - For some reason, I never used to use stick concealers, I always opted for cream concealers instead. Then, I bought a stick concealer because I was going on holidays and had to limit my liquids (I carry hand luggage), and since then, I've never looked back. I find that stick concealers do get a lot of negative reviews, but I quite like this one. I have the shade fair (which is the palest colour) and it works adequately - it's creamy, blends well and has quite good coverage. For the price, I cannot really complain about the concealer, because it serves its purpose. The only downfall is that it melts quite easily in the packaging. When I took it on holidays, I had to keep it in the fridge because the heat was melting it. Otherwise, it's a concealer that I have repurchased many times.

MUA Pressed Powder in Translucent || £1 - Powder is crucial for me, because I have such oily skin, I want to not only keep the oils at bay, but also my makeup in tact. I've tried numerous powders over the years, and some have made me look oily, some haven't done what they claim they will do. I knew that I loved the concealer, so therefore, the powder couldn't be too bad for £1. Some powders which are on the lower price scale can be quite chalky, however, I haven't actually experienced that with this one. It sets my makeup in place, doesn't settle into any line beneath my eyes (which aren't even visible without makeup, and only appear when some makeup set terribly) and for the price, is quite decent.

Once again, MUA haven't let me down. It's a brand that I know I could pick up anything from and it won't be a disappointment. People often overlook such a brand because of their minuscule price tags, but for me, I adore them.



  1. This is definitely a brand I need to check out now!

  2. MUA defenitely has some good makeup products

  3. Nice post! I haven't tried much from MUA as it is so hard to get in Ireland but I have one of their liquid lipsticks and I like wearing it. It's a purple colour so I don't wear it a lot.

    1. Thankyou! Could you not order online via Superdrug? x

  4. Great post! Always good to give the cheaper brands a go. They might surprise you. xx


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