Tuesday 4 February 2020

The Real, Honest Truth - eBay False Lashesđź’•

2019 was the year I ventured into false tan; so for 2020, I discovered the world of false lashes. I wore some for my birthday last year, but my friend put them on for me. So, for NYE, I thought I'd go all out and treat myself - 45 minutes later, I finally had a pair of lashes on. I would've fallen into the novice category of false lashes - by no means am I an expert now, I'm still learning - but I bought Eylure lashes from Savers as I didn't mind paying £2.49 for a pair. I've had a fair few designs by Eylure since, but after discussing eBay lashes with my friend, I decided to order a pack - after all, if they're crap, it's only a matter of a few pounds lost.

7 Pair False Eyelashes Set || Set 6D02 || £2.99 - At that price, it equates to rough 42p per pair of lashes, and I can't complain at that price. There were so many different types of lashes - some longer than others, some more natural, some extremely dramatic and the list goes on. I opted for 6D02 because they didn't look too extreme, but damn, I was taken by surprise. They are extremely long and extra, but I love it! They don't feel like tacky plastic and certainly don't look as cheap as they were whilst on either. I felt that the band was quite long too, so I had to trim the lashes so that they would fit across my lash line as well - not necessarily a bad thing! Looking at them, I thought that they'd feel heavy on my eyes, but in actual fact, they're so lightweight I actually forgot that I was wearing any.

As I used Eylure lashes in the past, it's just the Eylure lash glue that I use to apply these, and it does the job. Perhaps my skills have just improved significantly, but I found application with these super easy! It only took me 2-3 attempts per eye - that's good for me. Because they're so long, I did struggle to put on my eyeliner and top up my eyeshadow, but this is just a minor inconvenience. When I apply them, I stick the middle part down, leave for about 15-30 seconds before fixing the ends, allow to set for around 1-2 minutes then curl them to ensure my natural lashes blend with them before coating both my lashes and the false ones with mascara. I wouldn't say that the lash band is overly noticeable due to being on the thin side as sometimes, the band can be thick and take away from the lashes themselves. They last super well too! I wore the same pair for the 3 nights I was in Dublin, and they stayed on all night, every night whilst out - and it was super windy one night, my friend and I were paranoid we hadn't glued them properly and the wind would take them off! I did fear that maybe they'd only last the one use, but they looked like new lashes each night! 

Here's some photos from two nights wearing the same pair of lashes. They're dramatic and super long, but I love it - I feel so extra! Honestly, for the price, I cannot get over them. And, you're able to reuse the same pair a few times before needing to bin them, so I think this little palette of lashes will be lasting a while. I know for a fact that I'll be trying different designs and styles in the future!



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